7 Flowers for Beautifying your Rangoli

Want to know how to give a different look to a rangoli? The soft and delicate touch of an even single petal can extensively enhance your rangoli design. Apart from this, why should someone use flowers for embellishing their rangoli? The sole and most important reason is that they are harmless. Unlike the powder colours, they neither pollute the environment nor cause any harm to pets and humans. They are flowers! They are a part of nature only to enrich it and make us sectators joyous. So, take a floral walk down this list of 7 Deepavali flowers for beautifying your rangoli.


Chrysanthemums With colours so many in number, the Chrysanthemum flower is indeed like no other. Whether you use all the long petals or the whole flower, your rangoli will look excellent. Thus, kickstarting your Deepavali celebration in Singapore on a high note.


Daisy The charm in a rangoli comes from the elegant white petals of the daisy flower. All the petals are nearly symmetrical to each other, thus giving you the perfect rangoli. Also, a dash of white in an otherwise colourful rangoli will set it apart from your neighbours'


Marigold You can not talk of Deepavali flowers and not include marigolds. They are the queen of rangoli designs, for, without them, no rangoli can be deemed incomplete. Every household will either have this Deepavali flower hanging from ceilings or a part of the rangoli.


Rose Another classic and common Deepavali flower for prayers and decoration is the rose. You already know about the innate beauty of this flower, which is why its use in your lovely rangoli design is a must. Get a bundle of different coloured roses for a fantastic splash of colours.


Jasmine The pointy petals of this Deepavali rangoli flower are ideal for filling the centre. They can also be used for making borders, as the pure white hue along with pointed tips will leave you in awe. If the flowers don't work out, you can add the buds to fill in space.


Name a rangoli flower as stunning as the gerbera? It is not only a lively bloom but exudes pleasant vibes too. The typical use of this Deepavali flower is wholly (without the stem of course!) or with a bundle of petals.

Firecracker Flower

Firecracker Flower For a sparkly Deepavali celebration in Singapore, you need a flower that gives you just that. So, there is no better rangoli flower than the firecracker because its bright orange hue can brighten your whole home. Get these alluring rangoli flowers for yourself to make the best eco-friendly rangoli in the neighbourhood.

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