How to Celebrate Deepavali?

Deepavali is the much-awaited festival of lights celebrated by Hindus in Singapore with great pomp and show. It is a five-day celebration that honours the triumph of good over evil with each day having its special meaning and tradition. Given below are some awesome ways to celebrate Deepavali in Singapore with great fun and fervour.

Clean & Decorate Your House

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Cleaning up the house for Diwali is known to purify the environment and bring in the fresh, positive energy. People also believe that Goddess Lakshmi bestows her blessings upon the families who clean their houses and decorate them during Diwali. Therefore, it is essential to clean your houses during Diwali and decorate with rangoli, hanging floral gardens, lights, and earthen diyas to let in the festive cheer.

Buy Gifts for Friends & Family Members

Deepavali is the auspicious festival to meet and greet friends, family, and loved ones. Pamper your dear ones with exciting gifts like traditional sweets, dry fruits, flowers, plants, deity idols, and home d├ęcor items that are sure to bring a smile on their face and make their celebrations memorable. If you are stuck with office work and house chores, you can shop for Diwali gifts online from the comfort of home and send to your far-residing loved ones whom you cannot meet and greet in person.

Plan a Get-together

Festivals are the best times to spend quality moments with people who are close to your heart and cherish good old memories with them. Invite all your close family and friends for Diwali celebrations at home. Serve them delicious snacks, appetizers, and traditional meals. Play funny indoor games to make the most of this joyous occasion. It will bring together the festive spirit and allow you to have a great time with friends and family.

Feed & Give Gifts to Less Privileged

The main objective of Diwali celebrations is to spread love, light, and happiness around. Apart from hosting a party for your loved ones, you can offer lunch and dinner to orphan children or less privileged people of the society. Such a heartfelt gesture will brighten up their day and in return, they will give you loads of blessings. Surprise them with little gifts as a token of love and compassion to light up their Diwali celebrations.

Organize Events

You can organise events in your community during the festival of Diwali both for adults and children. It will help bring people together and celebrate the festival of lights with great fun and enthusiasm. Rangoli competition, paper lantern competition, music programs, talent shows, and sweet-making competition are some awesome activities for enjoyment that will keep everyone glued and excited.