Zodiac Based Flowers for Every Bride

Are you confused about what bridal flowers to pick for your entry? Well, you can not choose anything because your bouquet must represent your personality and resonate with you. Moreover, it is one of the first things the guests notice when the beautiful bride walks down the aisle. So, let the cosmos and your zodiac sign be a guide to picking the perfect wedding flowers in Singapore. Talk a slow walk down these zodiac based flowers for every bride to find which one is ideal for you.

Aries (March 20–April 20)

Aries' bridal bouquet Women of this zodiac are not only spontaneous but also very daring. Thus, are often categorised as fiery, audacious and bold people who have a tinge of that wild side. These are the flowers every Aries' bridal bouquet should have: • Thistle • Poppy • Magnolia

Taurus (April 20–May 21)

Taurus' bridal bouquet The most common notion about Taureans is that they are stable and trustworthy folks. Despite their fondness for nature, luxury and all things beautiful, they have a pragmatic approach to life. Every Taurus bride needs these wedding flowers in Singapore: • Roses • Dahlias • Green Ranunculus

Gemini (May 21–June 21)

Gemini bridal bouqet As you already know that Geminis have a dual personality, it is harder for them to decide what they want. However, they are normally seen to be cheery and have a positive outlook on life. The perfect wedding flowers in Singapore for this joyful zodiac sign are: • Lavenders • Tulips • Daffodils

Cancer (June 21–July 23)

Cancer bridal bouquet A cancer zodiac woman is not only famous for her gentle and sweet nature but is also known for being sensitive. While she is emotional, she is equally strong. The bridal bouquets apt for such a delicate Cancer bride are: • Red roses • Hyacinth • Hibiscus

Leo (July 23–August 23)

Leo bridal bouquet They don't live for drama because they are DRAMA. Confidence, boldness, competitiveness, big-hearted, you name good qualities, and they have it. So, when a bride of this zodiac sign is getting married, she should have a bridal bouquet that resonates with her personality. • Sunflowers • King Protea • Wisteria

Virgo (August 23–September 23)

Virgo bridal bouquet If anyone was allowed to be perfect, it would be Virgos. Their constant desire to be a perfectionist, meticulous and super-organised is indeed a marvel. However, they are practical-minded, think out of the box and try to stay ahead of trends. The wedding flowers in Singapore, apt for this crazy-headed Virgos are: • Hydrangeas • Lily of the Valley • Flowering maple

Libra (September 23–October 23)

Libra bridal bouquet If you need to describe a Libra in one word, that would be indecisiveness. Nevertheless, they are one of the happiest people who love to see others mingling and enjoying themselves. So, for such a kind-hearted zodiac sign, these bridal flowers will suit best: • Peonies • Wildflowers • Poppy

Scorpio (October 23–November 22)

scorpio bridal bouquet A Scorpio is a mysterious sign that can hurt you at the most unexpected times if you get on their bad side. Everything they do is with a measure of intensity, whether it is their work or a romantic relationship. Thus, it is a must to get a bridal bouquet of flowers that attract eyes just as their personality: • Amaranthus • Roses • Purple Calla Lilies

Sagittarius (November 22–December 22)

Sagittarius bridal bouquet

Know a bride who is full of energy and overexcited for her day? There is no doubt that she is a Sagittarius. They are not only extroverts and bubbly but brewing with dreams and ambitions for every little thing in life. The ideal flowers for a Sagittarius bride are: • Pink Carnations • Bougenvillas • Marigolds

Capricorn (December 23–January 20)

Capricorn bridal bouquet Hard work and fierce independence are two qualities that make a woman stand out as a Capricorn. They may not tell you all their strategies but are very career-oriented and like to see their plans follow through. The bridal flower bouquets apt for this zodiac sign are: • Ivy • Hardy Hellebores/Lenten roses • Double Tulip

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

v As they say, looks can be deceptive, so is the case for Aquarians. They are a creative, individualistic and cheerful lot even though they may not look the part. The wedding flowers in Singapore apt for this bride are: • Wildflowers • Japanese Magnolia • Blue Irises

Pisces (February 18–March 20)

Pisces bridal bouquet The Pisces woman will never show how big a romantic she is who is always waiting for prince charming. Often found lost in her dreams, she keeps her delicateness hidden from prying eyes. The wedding flowers perfect for every Pisces bride are: • Jasmine vines • Sweet Peas • Roses

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