All You Need To Know About Deepavali – The Festival of Lights in Singapore

The Festival of Lights in Singapore
Deepavali is one of the significant cultural festivals in Singapore. Popularly known as the 'Festival of Lights', Diwali is celebrated with great pomp and show and beacons of lights around the country. Hindu families across Singapore decorate their homes, share prayers and yummy feasts and exchange Deepavali gifts with friends and family. The Indian community forms 9% of the total residents in the country and is the third-largest ethnic group in Singapore. Thus, the festival of Deepavali is observed as a gazetted holiday in Singapore.

Little India - Diwali Hub in Singapore

Little India - Diwali Hub in Singapore On the eve of Diwali in Singapore, people gather around Little India to stroll through Diwali markets. The streets light-up and glitterati at Little India is a treat to the eyes. Additionally, this place is also the centre for Diwali shopping. You can buy scented flowers, beautiful decorations and lights, gold jewellery, festive and pooja material, traditional clothes, sweets and many other things to celebrate Diwali with pleasure. You can buy the best Deepavali gifts in Singapore at local shops in Little India.

Join the action

Join the action From henna tattoos to musical bash, Little India offers exciting festive vibes on Deepavali. You can snap pictures of the wonderful place, enjoy a musical performance, indulge in Deepavali shopping or simply admire the beauty of the place while savouring Teh Tarik, a pulled milk tea. Enjoy the market shows, exhibitions and concerts that take place around Little India during Deepavali season.

Welcoming the Deity

Welcoming the Deity It is impossible not to notice the house of a Hindu in Singapore on Deepavali. The tantalising aroma of incense sticks along with mouthwatering sweet and salty delicacies on Deepavali is a hit among the local population. Every Indian household in Singapore is lit up with loads of light lamps (diyas) and boasts of colourful door representations - Rangoli. Rangoli is a Diwali ritual that welcomes the god to spread happiness and prosperity. Created out of colours, flour, rice and flowers, you will witness a stunning Rangoli in beautiful patterns, geometric shapes or representation of an animal or nature in every doorway.

And it's not a wrap!

Diwali Flowers Deepavali is not just a day's affair in Singapore. Diwali decorations at Little India along with beautiful monument installations and insta-worthy festive lights around the country will continue to amaze the public for about a month after Deepavali. So, the celebrations and Diwali aura are all set still for the local people.

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