How to Effortlessly Express Gratitude?


Gratitude is looking at the past and showering love to the present. Saying thank you is one of the most vital etiquettes in life but the least practised one too. So, this year celebrate World Gratitude Day by adopting new ways to thank your peers and relatives. No matter how small a favour or how useful the advice is, we have decoded effortless ways for you to express your gratitude. So, let’s dig in!

Give Notes

Thanks text

Are you shy when it comes to thanking someone? Write your thanks on a little sticky note and paste it on your colleague’s workstation. If it is a roommate who deserves your gratitude, paste your note of thanks on the fridge. Ensure your text is short, crisp and direct.

Host a Dinner

host a dinner

Has a friend or relative helped you in times of need? Give your sincere thanks by inviting them to your home with a lavish and delicious spread of food. Good company, music and snacks are quite a wonderful way of displaying your gratitude.

Write in a Journal

Write in a Journal

The habit of thanking people starts with yourself. Start practising gratitude by writing down points and reasons for which you are grateful on that particular day. The best time to do this exercise is at night when you contemplate how well or poorly your day went.

Send Flowers

Send Flowers

When words fail, gifts speak. Flowers are always a brilliant gift idea for every type of recipient. So, whether it is your boss or an aunt you wish to thank, a stunning arrangement of thank you flowers online will do just the trick.

Announce it to the Team

Announce it to the Team

One of the ideal ways for any boss to recognise an employee’s work and efforts is by announcing it to the team. Similarly, when displaying gratitude for assistance in a project, you can always thank employees in front of their peers. This method boosts their confidence and productivity.

Take them out for Coffee

Take them out for Coffee

Even though this is a casual way to display your gratitude to someone, do not mistake it for an insufficient one. A cup of coffee in an aesthetic place is a great way to build a better relationship with colleagues and friends.

Be ready to Payback

payback fnp

As the saying goes, what goes around, comes around; you should make sure to be available to provide aid to someone who did the same for you. Whether the person is a relative or a colleague, you should be ready to offer the same assistance as they did to you.

Give Little Gifts

thankyou gift

If a note or a letter seems too small a token of thanks, then you can always opt for gifts. However, make sure you don’t buy something extravagantly expensive or poorly cheap. You can choose a scarf, earrings, pen, plant or cupcakes as the ideal thank you gifts.

Pick the method that suits you the most to be able to thank someone the proper way.

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