The Best Flowers to make Potpourri

Best Flowers to make Potpourri

Have you ever wondered what the crisp and dry flower petals did? Well, they serve two purposes; one is to act as beautiful and fragrant home decor. The second purpose is to enliven the space. Potpourri comprises all dried flower petals, spices, leaves, barks, seedheads and much more. You can even make potpourri at home by collecting scented or non-scented items. So, the first step to the DIY project or gaining knowledge is to be familiar with the best flowers to make potpourri.


Chrysanthemums potpourri

There are a variety of chrysanthemums, and each one of them is a sight for sore eyes. So choose the smaller ones for an exclusive potpourri.


rose potpouri

The most common and absolute classic in the potpourri business is the rose. Apart from its naturally mesmerising scent, its beauty is what makes it everyone’s favourite flower.


Chamomile potpourri

Another common flower used in potpourri is the Chamomile flower. Since you are aware of its fragrance in tea, it without a doubt brings the same charm when dried.


Dianthus Potpurri

The Dianthus blooms in multiple shades of pink, which makes for a fabulous potpourri flower. They are not a popular choice, but when given a chance, they will surely not disappoint.


Lavender potpourri

We all know how hypnotising and soothing the lavender scent is. That is why it is no shock to see it perform equally well in a potpourri.


Marigold potporri

If you want your potpourri to fill the room with its colour, then add some marigolds. They are very bright and cheerful flowers and will add a lovely pop of hue.


Calendula potpourri

The Calendula is one such bloom that can bring a smile across anyone’s face. It is indeed a bright flower that can make any spot radiant.


Geraniums potpourri

This tiny little flower with even more petite petals is an enchanting choice for a potpourri. They come in several hues so, it is up to which ones shall grace your home.


Pansies potpourri

Now, this is one stunning flower that is bound to leave your guests in awe. They come in numerous shades, always with a dark hue in the centre and can easily liven your dried flowers collection.


Larkspur potpourri

The July birth flower will undeniably brighten the spot you keep it in. Dried or not, they can make any space lively and cheerful.

If any of these flowers are unavailable locally, you can opt for online flower delivery for your DIY project to be a success.

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