How to Keep Plants Healthy in Your Absence?


If there is one thing; a plant lover dreads the most is to leave their buddies at home all alone for a couple of days. Well, let’s cheer you up with some good news that you can now go on a business or leisure trip without any guilt. We all want a plant that survives on its lonesome to greet us with happiness on our return. That is why we present a plant care guide on ‘how to keep plants healthy in your absence’.

Prep your Plants

As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry; you must make sure your green buddies are healthy, disease-free, without any root rot and any other underlying problems. Commence the process by getting an informative plant care guide and acting on it well before you leave.

Check the Environment

No one likes a piping hot or shivering cold temperature so, why should your plant like it? Plants can only thrive in moderate and stable environments where the temperature, humidity and light are suitable. As a plant owner, these are certain aspects you must see too before taking a lovely vacation.

Let Someone Take Over

Whatever and how much ever you do for the plants, they will need some looking after in your absence. They might not be attention seekers, but it is always a good idea to have a neighbour, friend or relative to check on them.

Use Water Release Crystals

There are many ways to water your plants in your absence. So, we thought to bring out an easy and hassle-free method, called the water release crystals. They are made out of a product that absorbs water, and when placed in the soil, you let the plant be watered for a longer time.

Let the Succulents Be

It is no more a secret that succulents are hardy plants. They can survive anything (literally) and often refuse to die. So, if there is one good piece of news to take with you during your trip is that your succulents will stay as sharp and bright as they did before.

Let us know how helpful these methods have been. Also, make sure to look further into a plant care guide for more guidance.

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