Unique & Meaningful Hari Raya Gifts for Your Loved Ones in Singapore

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Hari Raya Puasa, or Eid al-Fitr, is a lovely time for families and friends to come together, pray, celebrate and share love. One of the many significant parts of Hari Raya’s celebration is exchanging delightful yet meaningful gifts. Thus, on that note, we have jotted down some unique Hari Raya gift ideas that are bound to impress. So, if you’ve started your shopping for gifts in singapore, consider these:

Personalised Ketupat Holder:

Ketupat, a diamond-shaped rice dumpling, is a staple dish during Hari Raya festivities. Surprise your friends and family with a beautifully hand-crafted ketupat holder that is customised with their name or initials. This functional and traditional gift will further beautifully grace their dinner table.

Kuih Raya Platter:

For the food enthusiasts in your life, consider skipping the store-bought cookies and purchasing a delightful platter of homemade Kuih Raya (traditional Malay cookies). Since these bite-sized treats come available in a variety of flavours and textures, you can pick them as per their preferences.

Customised Prayer Rug:

A prayer rug is an essential item for Muslims. Hence, you can gift a personalised prayer rug embroidered with their name or a meaningful Islamic quote. Go for a luxurious velvet prayer rug that is quite popular nowadays.

Gourmet Food Basket:

The festival of Hari Raya Puasa is incomplete without indulging in delicious desserts. Hence, gifting your fam-bam a beautifully curated gourmet food hamper will only double the delight. Get a basket arrangements with a mix of decadent cookies, chocolates, dates, rich nuts and maybe even some speciality Hari Raya snacks. Pair this with a stunning bouquet of colourful flowers (and a cute note) that will leave a lasting impression. 

Home Decor Gifts:

You can extend your heartwarming Hari Raya Puasa wishes with a set of elegant home decor gift items. Think beautiful lanterns casting a warm glow, twinkling fairy lights adding a touch of magic or even decorative throw pillows with traditional patterns. You can also surprise them with wall frames and scented candles that will only add to the festive atmosphere, letting them enjoy the spirit of Hari Raya in the comfort of their home.

Bonus Tip:  Adding a handwritten greeting card with a heartfelt message and wishes for a blessed Hari Raya Puasa will be remembered and preserved for years.

So, these were some of the heartfelt Hari Raya gifts that will be well-received and show that you have put your thoughts before picking one. Wishing you all a blessed and Selamat Hari Raya Puasa!

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