Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Families with Kids in Singapore

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With hearts filled with excitement and eyes shining with anticipation of having so much fun, kids wait for Easter like no one else. If you also have the little musketeers in your family then plan an outstanding Easter celebration for them by planning an exhilarating Easter egg hunt! Here are some of the egg-citing Easter egg hunt ideas that you can check out and let your kids taste the joy of discovery!

Backyard Bonanza

easter Backyard Bonanza image Transforming your backyard into an Easter wonderland is an evergreen idea. Hide colourful eggs under the bushes, plants or behind the flower pots that camouflage them in the best way. To add fun to the hunt, designate different hued eggs for each child and watch them go all gaga over finding theirs.

Park Picnic Hunt

If you don’t want any mess at your home then plan a picnic hunt in a nearby park. Pack some snacks and drinks for the kids, then scatter the eggs in the park. We bet you will find a lot more enticing spots to hide them. Now, encourage the kids to explore the area well and enjoy the hunt!

DIY Treasure Map

Want the kids to work their minds up a little? If yes then give them a map that leads them to the eggs. Make sure you use basic landmarks like trees and fences, so they can easily navigate through the instructions keeping their confidence up. 

Easter Egg Roll Race

The egg roll race is quite famous among the kids. It will be fun if you set up an egg roll race for them. Let the kids use their spoons to roll the eggs from the start line to finish. Whoever crosses the line first without dropping their egg wins the race. To make it extra thrilling, keep a golden egg as a prize for the winner.

Indoor Hide-and-Seek

In case you don’t want to take the kids to the park or use your backyard, plan an indoor egg hunt. Hide the eggs in various rooms or wherever you think it will be fun to find and let the kiddos have the best time in finding all the hidden treasures. 

Easter Bunny Visit

Add an extra element of excitement and happiness to their hunt by planning an Easter bunny visit. You can also dress up as one and watch all the kids jump with endless joy and laughter. You can then hide the Easter eggs in the house or backyard and make them even more excited for the hunt! So, with these simple yet fun Easter egg hunt ideas, enjoy fun-filled moments with your kids. Gather them all, hand them their baskets and let the Egg-citing Activities for the easter day of finding eggs begin. Happy Easter! Surprise your near and dear ones with easter gifts. Order Now with FNP SG.

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