21 Must-Have Easter Foods from Around the World

Must-Have Easter Foods from Around the World
The most egg-citing day of the year is Easter Sunday! What's Easter without piles of sweets, right? However, if sugar-laden chocolates, jellybeans and marshmallow chicks don't quite seem to entice your taste buds, we have a solution. You can always hop onto our list of must-have Easter foods from around the world that are indeed mouth-watering! From traditional Easter cakes, ice creams, and egg pastries to hot cross buns, we jotted down all! These foods will certainly get you in the spirit (and increase your awareness of what others binge on).


Ma’amoul Ma'amoul is an ancient Middle Eastern pastry, usually stuffed with figs, almonds, dates, pistachios and walnuts. This sweet Easter dessert dons different geometric designs.

Roasted Lamb

Roasted Lamb One of the most common and loved Easter food traditions around the world is making roasted lamb. It is a common dish in most cultures and is marinated using different spices and flavours.

Lamb Cake

Lamb Cake You can not celebrate without a traditional Easter cake! Let the Polish Lamb cake (literally in the shape of a lamb) make your day sweeter than ever.

Italian Pizzelle Cookies

Italian Pizzelle Cookies Are you looking for a new twist on waffles? If so, Italian pizzelle cookies are the way to go! While it is made in a waffle iron, the batter is flavoured with anise, citrus zest, chocolate, and almonds.

Lithuanian Vedarai aka Potato Sausage

Lithuanian Vedarai aka Potato Sausage We found you a new way to binge on potatoes! Yay! The Lithuanian Vedarai aka potato sausage can be stuffed with bacon, spices, eggs, and onions to make it oh-so-yummy.

Braised Red Cabbage

Braised Red Cabbage If you are looking for easy Easter dinner ideas; it can not get better than braised red cabbage. Also known as czerwona kapusta zasmażana, it serves as a dish that accompanies the main one.

Neapolitan Grain Pie

Neapolitan Grain Pie One of the most popular Italian Easter desserts is the Neapolitan grain pie (as the name suggests). The typical preparation times require 16 hours, but once done, it is so worth it.

Aguonu Sausainiukai

Next up on the Easter dishes from around the world is the time-honoured Lithuanian aguonu sausainiukai aka poppy seed cookie? A super easy-to-bake cookie is just as delicious as it looks!

British Hot Cross Buns

British Hot Cross Buns Who does not know about the hot cross buns? Probably not one! These buns make it to the list of absolute must-have Easter dinner ideas.


Even though the name looks difficult to pronounce, mämmi is one of the easiest to make Easter dishes from around the world. Rye flour, salt, orange zest, and molasses are the main ingredients.

Greek Tiropitas

Greek Tiropitas As the name tiropitas suggests, these are triangular-shaped and flaky treats with cheese oozing out of them! Is your mouth already watering?

Eastern European Molded (Paska) Cheese Dessert

Eastern European Molded (Paska) Cheese Dessert How can we talk about Easter desserts and not mention Paska cheese dessert? This Eastern European dish beats all the Easter food traditions around the world with no ordinary cheese.

Polish Żurek aka Ryemeal Soup

Polish Żurek aka Ryemeal Soup This soup has many versions, as every household makes it with its flavours and spices. Nevertheless, it is a must-try even in the heat.

Lithuanian Cepelinai aka Potato Dumplings

Lithuanian Cepelinai aka Potato Dumplings Who thought dumplings could have potatoes in them? This Lithuanian dish is the nation's pride and is commonly referred to as zeppelins due to their shape.

Cape Malay Pickled Fish

Cape Malay Pickled Fish Cape Town's famous fish is this pickled fish. The secret to the recipe is letting it sit in the fridge for 24 hours after being cooked.


Spanakopita Spanakopita is another Greek dish added to the list of Easter dinner ideas! With spinach and feta cheese as the main ingredients, it makes the perfect appetizer.

Bun & Cheese

Bun & Cheese To add a simple twist to the most famous Easter food traditions around the world- hot cross buns, we present bun and cheese. This Jamaican spin-off is undeniably a must-have.


Fanesca The fanesca is typically served one week before Easter Sunday. It is usually garnished with boiled eggs, herbs and fried plantains.

Greek Avgolemono

Greek Avgolemono This Greek soup is one such dish that everyone must try, irrespective of Easter. The combination of lemon-egg mixture and orzo makes it ah-mazing!

Polish White Borscht Soup

Polish White Borscht Soup Another soup added to the list of Easter dishes from around the world is the Polish white borscht soup. The beauty of this dish is that each house has its personal recipe that gets passed down generations.

Simnel Cake

Simnel Cake Talk about traditional Easter cakes, and you get the Simnel cake. It is adorned with eleven or twelve marzipan balls that represent Jesus's apostles.

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