Egg-citing Activities for the Easter Holidays

Easter Holidays Activities
While Easter, also known as Resurrection Sunday is a Christian festival, it is celebrated worldwide by people belonging to different nationalities. Why so, you may ask? Well, this day holds great significance because what transpired on this day shook the entire world. This day is commemorated with utmost joy, enthusiasm and a great sense of hope for better and brighter days. Thus, people’s hearts are filled with sheer happiness and bliss as they observe this day by praying and taking part in fun activities. Scroll down for a list of some amazing and fun-loving activities for kids and adult alike, that will help you plan your Easter better. Egg Hunting easter-egg-hunt One of the most common activities for children is egg hunting. Plant plastic eggs all over the house for the little munchkins to find, while the adults enjoy their afternoon relaxing. Make the hunt interesting by adding clues to help locate the eggs. Bake Themed Treats easter-treats Those who want to spend quality time with their young or grown-up kids can opt for a baking session. You can either enrol for an online class or let your child follow you. Bake some delectable Easter themed treats in the day for a relaxed and enjoyable evening. Watch Adorable Movies easter-movies There are plenty Easter, rom-com and comedy genre movies that will make the day lively. You can choose to do a movie marathon from morning to evening or watch one movie in the day. Make sure to keep your sodas, treats and popcorns ready beforehand. Fun Games & Races easter-games Host an Easter party at your home or in a park, with some entertaining games to play. Organise games like egg and spoon race, tug of war and charades. Whether you plan these games for the kids or adults, everyone is surely in for a hoppy ride! Send Gift Baskets easter-gift-basket Good celebrations only become better when there are thoughtful gifts. Buy some charming Easter gift baskets from stores or you can make some at home. This can also turn into a fun exercise to teach several things to your young children. Make Artistic Easter Crafts easter-crafts Let your child’s, friends and your creativity flow freely by making some artistic Easter crafts. Bring in all the necessary stationery and let your imagination and talent take you places. This can be a great activity for the kids and a game for the adults.

Floral Frolics: Easter Blossoms Await!

flower arranging workshop image   Unleash your inner botanist this Easter with a kaleidoscope of colorful blooms! Engage in whimsical activities like flower arranging workshops, vibrant garden tours, and enchanting floral picnics amidst the fragrant fields. Let the beauty of Easter flowers ignite your senses and fill your holiday with joyous hues of nature's finest creations. Easter instils a ray of hope in everyone’s hearts which is why this day should be observed by making memorable memories with loved ones.

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