8 Occasions Perfect for Wearing Flowers

8 Occasions Perfect for Wearing Flowers

When can you wear a flower? Can only children wear flowers? These are some of the most asked questions by adults, to which we say there is no age to wear flowers.

The innate beauty of flowers can enhance the wearer’s features and make them look a lot more formal. So, check out these 8 occasions that are perfect for wearing flowers as adults.


Besides the bride, bridesmaids, groom and the best man wearing corsages and boutonnieres respectively, you too can wear flowers. You can wear a floral tiara or a bracelet made of wedding flowers like baby breath and lavender for a delicate look.

Homecoming or Prom 

How can you attend your prom or homecoming without a boutonniere or corsage? The very craze of homecoming (thanks to movies) is the boy tying the corsage on his partner’s wrist. This one move is sure to make you feel like you are in a chick-flick!


Whether it is your bachelor’s or master’s graduation, a little flower pinned on your dress or tied to your wrist can go a long way. The best way to get your beautiful Graduation day flowers seen is by opting for one that contrasts your dress and gown.

Mother’s Day 

Who does not love to give their mom a stunning bouquet? Mother’s Day flowers are considered an absolute must, so to do it right, you can make a tiara or a corsage for your mom. Such an effort by you and your siblings will be far better than any other gift you could get for your mum.


Are you celebrating a milestone anniversary? If so, make it memorable by giving the lady a gorgeous corsage to pin on her breast. The man should naturally wear a matching boutonniere; as a mark of his eternal love for her.

Make the event sweeter by making the corsage or a bracelet with special wedding flowers like tulips and peonies. 


Got a beach party to attend? Or are you booked for an elegant party? Either way, enhance your beauty with a peony tucked in your ear or a rose on your hair. If it’s a bit more formal, you can opt for lovely corsages online that match your outfit.


Whether it is your birthday or not, a minimal floral tiara can never go wrong. Whether you make one for yourself or buy it, the birthday girl will indeed be stunning. Another option is to tuck a flower or two in your hair.

Masquerade Ball 

Now, this is a formal event filled with mystery. Let the glamour as shown in the movies encourage you to be a bit extra for the masquerade ball. On that note, a corsage online that gels with your attire will be the perfect accessory you’ll be needing besides your mask.

Baby Shower 

It is necessary for the soon-to-be mommy to be surrounded by nature. On that note, celebrate the baby shower with a lovely floral necklace, hand-gear, earrings, or even a tiara.

There is no such thing as an excess of flowers so, you can opt for all of them.

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