How to Celebrate International Men’s Day Meaningfully

How to Celebrate International Men's Day Meaningfully

Men neither cry nor sham! Men are mentally and physically strong individuals who feel no pain. Do these statements sound familiar? Such thoughts are one of the main reasons why men are always under extreme pressure. Why should men not speak about their feelings or pain? After all, they are humans! They too have a heart that feels joy and sadness.

So, this International Men’s Day, let us break this stigma and identify the ways we can gift men a moment of happiness, love, respect and appreciation. Let us not judge them crucially for being more expressive, free and different from the previous generations. It is time to give them a chance to fail and rise, to laugh and cry, to choose a career path of their choice, so that they become happy individuals.

So, check out the simple ways on how to celebrate International Men’s Day meaningfully not just for a day but for years to come.

Give him Space

Everyone wants space; whether from their relatives or a partner. The personal space that belongs only to you should not be invaded by one else. Similarly, you must make sure you give your man some time to himself. This International Men’s Day, let him feel free to think, do and act as he likes because your constant presence can make him feel suffocated.

Respect him

The ingredient to every happy and successful relationship is respect. If you don’t respect or even show it to your partner, father or brother, it will only do more harm than any good. No matter his nature, you have to give not just your dear ones but even strangers respect. The way you talk and look at them can help bolster their confidence.

Let him have Me-Time

Do you think you deserve some me-time? Well, so does he! Whether he is your father or brother and no matter how much or how little work he does, you can not strip him of his personal time. His time is for him to do what he loves and makes him happy. So, be it listening to music, watching movies or playing basketball, let him enjoy his own company.

Give Gifts that he needs

One of the easiest things people do when someone is upset is to give them a gift. This year, we urge you to drop this habit and opt for something meaningful gifts for men. Meaning; order presents what the recipient actually needs and for the purpose of pampering and showcasing your love to him.
Stop buying gifts to pacify him or to make him quiet, instead to make him feel special and treasured.

Let him Express

We all have the right to speech and expression. So, why are men always told to stay shut in front of their partners? Let your husband or boyfriend feel free to speak up and raise his voice on matters that concern him. Let him talk to you and explain the ideas he disagrees with without any fear. Provide him with that comfort zone of being able to voice his feelings and opinions freely.

Make him feel Comfortable

We are all looking for ways on how to celebrate International Men’s Day when the answer lies within us itself. This 19th November, make the men in your life feel comfortable to express and speak. Let them know that they are in a safe zone and can be themselves with no pretence. Let us do our part by making men comfortable with their own loved ones.

Be Delicate with his Feelings

Men and women are both humans, meaning they both get equally hurt with words. It is not about comparing the two genders instead about treating men with the same delicateness as you do to women. They too have hearts and this International Men’s Day, handle the boys in your life with a gentle touch. Their feelings, ego and hearts break, yet they keep it to themselves. So, let us be more careful with the words we use and the tonality of our speech.

Show your love for him

Are you looking for a way to make your beloved feel special? While sweet gestures go a long way, some thoughtful International Men’s Day quotes online will indeed lift his spirits. Whatever you choose, make sure to make him feel treasured not just on special occasions but on regular days as well. A little naughty top to bottom check out, a genuine compliment or honest praise are some ways to boost a man’s confidence.

Build a Safe Zone at Home

While we are on the topic of how to celebrate International Men’s Day, let us talk about the importance of maintaining a safe zone at home. Everyone, irrespective of their gender and age, is supposed to feel secure at home. Whether it is a young boy or an elderly man, the protection and satisfaction provided at home surpass everything.

Such a gift for men can be offered only when the rest of the residents provide that safe haven and comfort to be able to relax. The freedom to roam and talk without any reservations is vital for men’s mental health. Moreover, a working man looks at his home as a place of relaxation, especially after a long day. So, why not give him just that?

Stop Pressurising him

This is no shocker that men are constantly under multiple pressures, be it supporting the family, performing well at work or being a good parent. When so many societal and self-inflicted pressures lie on a man’s shoulders, a time will come when he will break. To avoid a mental breakdown, help the men in your life unburden their thoughts and desires. From 19th November onwards, give a lending hand or an ear as gifts for men to make them feel lighter.

By encouraging International Men’s Day quotes online and some behavioural changes, we can bring light to several problems faced by men without any judgment. It is time to look at the various moments that need to be offered as gifts for men.

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