How International Men’s Day is Celebrated?

The idea of International Men’s Day or IMD have been doing the rounds since the 60’s of the past century but it was accepted by the masses in the late 90’s. With the birth of the new century, this IMD gained momentum. Now, every year on 19th November International Men’s Day is celebrated by most of the countries across the world and they all talk about the safety, security, and other issues faced by men and boys.

There, in India, the inauguration of IMD was organized by the leading Indian Men's Rights Organization “Save Indian Family” on 19 November 2007. India accepted this date because Australia and the West Indies (Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago) were already observing IMD on that date. The event was successful and was again celebrated in India in 2008. In 2009, India received the first corporate sponsorship for the celebration of International Men's Day. It was Allen Solly who decided to create promotional offers on IMD, and HBO decided to screen male-positive movies in its "Men in Back" series on 19th November. In the year 2014, Confidare Education Consultancy hosted an International Men's Day Art Gallery in New Delhi while in Kolkata protests were organized to project elder abuse and men's human rights. Furthermore, the Chennai Chapter of All India Men's Welfare Association (AIMWA) submitted a memorandum to the government on IMD 2014 demanding constitution of Men's Welfare Ministry, National Commission for Men, and making all laws gender neutral.

There is specifically no such guidelines as to how this day is celebrated. But you can be more sensitive and patient towards the men and boys around you. Appreciate the efforts of your dad, brother, male friends, male colleagues at work, boyfriend, husband, etc. On this International Men’s Day, you can opt for the following options & make them feel special.

Treat With A Delectable Cake At Midnight:

There is nothing more magical like the midnight hours. It is just the perfect time to surprise your loved ones on special occasions. Well, Men’s Day is very important and for all those tough jobs that your dad, husband, brother, or boyfriend do to gift you a beautiful life, a sweet surprise is mandatory! So, get a cake delivery at midnight & let the sweetness in your relationship arise. Choose anything from red velvet, lemon zest, vanilla, black forest, chocolate truffle, etc. kind of flavors.

Wake Him Up With A Lively Flower Bouquet:

What can be a better way to express your love, admiration, and respect with flowers for the men in your life? Greet those men who have always been by your side as a strong support with a vivacious flower bouquet or arrangement. Use our early morning delivery service for this heart-warming surprise.

Express Your Gratitude With Personalized Gifts:

Your mobile phone, laptop, and old photo albums must be filled with nostalgic pictures that speak in volumes about your bond with your dad, brother, husband, boyfriend, or any other male friend. Find those lovely photographs and convert them into memorable personalized gifts like mugs, cushions, photo frames, rotating lamps, keychains, etc.

Pray For Good Health With Plants:

The health of boys and men have been one of the major concerns discussed almost every year. Because without a good health, there is no meaning to life. Opt for the refreshing indoor & outdoor plants, foliage plants, air purifying plants, terrariums, cactus, or bonsai types of plants. The plants like peace lily, syngonium, Ficus microcarpa, Aloe Vera, prayer plant, lucky bamboo, etc. would clear the toxins from the atmosphere and lend a healthy environment to the precious men in your life.

Appreciate Him With Unique Accessory & Hamper Gifts:

A man’s contribution towards building a good home, society, community, and nation at large simply cannot be ignored. In big and small ways, a man is always trying to contribute something good. So, don’t forget to appreciate his efforts. The fabulous accessories like sunglasses, leather wallet, belt, and watches would make him smarter for sure. The hamper of perfumes, face wash, beard oil, cleansing gel, shampoo, body wash, etc. would pamper him in the most special way.