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    Gifts For Men

    Be it your husband or boyfriend, father or brother, best friend or uncle – every man has their special role to play in your life. So, on his special days, make him feel special by sending gifts for him online to Singapore. We have flowers, chocolates, cakes, and thrilling hampers to let you impress the significant men in your life.

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      Impressive Online Gifts for Guys

      Whoever said men are difficult to shop for; certainly did not visit the right store. Nevertheless, our gifts for him section has a collection that will leave you and the recipient speechless. So, whether you want to buy a present for your brother or grandfather our one-stop shop for all, will cater to all your needs. Celebrate every occasion and festival with flowers, like lilies, roses, gerberas, anthuriums, carnations and tulips that do all the talking for you. Take a fancier approach by ordering online gifts for guys that appease their interests, be it food, decoration or gardening. Confused? Check out the hampers that consist of lip-smacking goodies like chocolates, home decor items like photo frames and lush green plants like white pothos. Buy cakes for him in chocolate, red velvet, caramel, mocha, vanilla, mixed fruit and several other flavours to add extra sweetness to their special days. After all, a celebration without a cake is incomplete. Impress your boss or father-in-law with personalized gifts, such as cushions, mugs, caricatures and photo frames. With such a vast variety of online gifts for men, you can buy anything ranging from fruit baskets, perfumes, balloon decorations to wine and flower combos. So, don’t delay any longer and order impressive gifts right away.

      Order Fabulous Gifts For Men in Singapore to Celebrate Special Days

      Gifting is no longer an act of luxury but rather an etiquette and sometimes a necessary duty. So, you can no longer settle for anything ordinary and run-of-the-mill when others are going all out, buying good gifts for you. Has this stressed you out? Don’t worry because we have a selection of gifts for men that will impress them. Celebrate your festivals like Hari Raya, Christmas, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali and Mid-Autumn with presents that put others to shame. After all, if gifting has become an art, you must excel. So, even if you are searching for something special for your mom or sister, hop onto the gifts for her section to explore the incredible flower arrangements, home decor hampers and potted plants. Also, the same products are available in abundance in the gifts for him section. So, you can mark your anniversary and Valentine’s Day with a romantic gesture by ordering a cake, chocolate bouquet or rose basket. With these occasions covered, we are missing out on the most important one- birthdays. Be it your frieOrder nd, father, colleague or partner’s special day, a small token of love is mandatory, and with our variety of birthday gifts for men, you will make the recipient smile ear to ear. Let us not delay any longer and order fabulous gifts for men in Singapore to celebrate every special day.

      Surprise Him by Sending the Best Chinese New Year Gifts from FNP

      Chinese New Year is the time to celebrate with near and dear ones. And celebrations in the form of gifts sound even more exciting. FNP brings forth a unique range of gifts for him that are perfect to greet your loved ones on Chinese New Year. Celebrate the new beginning by surprising your husband, boyfriend, brother, father, and male friends with unique gifts. From perfumes, flowers, chocolates, balloon bouquets, cookies, sweets, dry fruits, personalised gifts, chocolate bouquets to cakes, plants, gifts hampers and combo, we have all types of gift assortments available under one roof. You can scroll through a collection of gifts for him on our website and pick the best Chinese New Year gifts online from FNP. We also offer gift delivery services across Singapore using our strong delivery network. All you need to do is pick the best Chinese New Year gifts online, and we will help you send it across Singapore. So, place your order now.

      Send Spectacular Valentine's Day Gifts for Him via FNP

      Valentine's Day is an eminent occasion for all couples. It is celebrated with great excitement, and the whole atmosphere is all mushy and romantic. If you are looking for Valentine's Day gifts for him, then we have the perfect ideas for you. To surprise your bae on Valentine's Day get a gorgeous bouquet of red roses for him and let the roses express what you can't say aloud. FNP has a remarkable collection of Valentine's day gift that include personalised gifts, scrumptious cakes, digital gifts and experiential gifts. Along with the flowers, you can order a personalized gift or a delicious cake to make him feel appreciated on Valentine's Day. You can purchase extravagant perfumes, leather wallets, leather belts, indoor plants and more gifts from our collection of Valentine's day gifts for him. We promise hassle-free delivery that will make your d-day a memorable one!

      Explore a Fabulous Range of Gifts for Men

      Here are some amazing gifts for men you can give him for any occasion - 

      • Flowers for Men
      • Ranging from the bouquet of roses to mixed flower arrangements, you'll find beautiful floral gifts on our website. They are perfect to delight and impress the special men in your life on special occasions. The luxurious flowers for men make excellent gifts for your brother, male friend, and male colleagues.

      • Chocolates
      • Everyone loves to munch on chocolates. Find delicious branded and handmade chocolates in combos, bouquets, and hampers on our website. The sweet treats will sweeten your bond of love with the special men in your life and relish their taste buds.

      • Grooming Kit
      • Help the men in your life stay fit and stylish with the gift of an essential grooming kit. Consisting of essentials like shaving lotion, bathing soap, trimmer, and shaver- the grooming kit has everything that a man requires for daily cleaning and styling. Thus, making it one of the best anniversary gift ideas.

      • Combos Gifts for Him
      • Gift combos for men include flowers and cake, cake and plants, plants and chocolates, etc. Whether you are missing your boyfriend or looking for something meaningful to surprise your husband on an anniversary, you can place the order on our website and avail flowers and wine delivery to their doorstep.

      • Cakes
      • Cakes are delightful treats that add joy and excitement to any occasion. We offer fresh and delicious cakes in a variety of flavours, such as black forest, chocolate, strawberry, red velvet, and blueberry. Be it a birthday, anniversary, Men's Day or Father's Day- cakes can be gifted to men on all occasions. In fact they also make perfect wedding gift ideas for your partner or friend.

      • Wine Hampers
      • Wine is one of the most elegant gift ideas for men. Explore beautiful wine hampers consisting of various snacks, chocolates, cookies, and much more along with a bottle of wine. You can give a wine hamper to your father, brother, friend, colleague and partner.

      • Quirky Gifts
      • Quirky gifts are thoughtful, unique and one of a kind. They have the power to express emotions in a different manner. Thus, people love giving each other quirky presents. You can choose from a variety of unique gift ideas for men that he will surely adore. Avail gift delivery in Singapore for him and make his day unforgettable.

      • Perfumes for Men
      • A fragrant gift to remember for life - Yes, we're talking about perfumes. Perfume is a decent gift to adore the men in your life. We have a variety of aromatic surprises for him that will suit his personality. Get gift delivery in Singapore for him with FNP.

      Online Gift Ideas for Men - FNP

      Gifts for Him Recipient Gift Ideas for Him
      Dad/Grandfather Wine Hamper, Fresh Fruits Basket, Plants
      Brother Flower Bouquet, Chocolates, Quirky Gifts
      Husband/Boyfriend Rose Bouquets, Personalised Cushions, Perfumes
      Son Soft Toys, Tempting Chocolates, Lip-smacking Cakes
      Male Friend Personalised Mugs, Keychains, Gift Hampers

      Get the Best Gifts for Him via Hassle-Free Deliveries

      FNP is the best online platform when searching for the best gifts for guys. We have just the right kind of gift ideas to impress the special men in your life. If you are in Singapore and thinking about how to celebrate your upcoming anniversary, then remember that we are here with awesome presents for him. If you want something romantic for your boyfriend or husband, you can order personalised combo gifts with a love message in a bottle with a cake. Send this to your significant other via our standard delivery service, which has numerous date and time slots. However, if the recipient has a tight schedule, opt for the fixed hour option with five slots starting from 10 am to 8 pm to ensure the product reaches during their free time. You can also use our same-day gift delivery in Singapore for those last-minute shopping shenanigans. The other two deliveries that are ideal for giving a surprise are morning and midnight. Lastly, you can buy any of these gifts for him, with whichever service suits you the most to any part of the island. Be it Paya Lebar, Yishun, Jurong East, Tengah or Seletar; your presents will reach the given address on time and without hassle. So, don’t keep waiting and grab them right away, especially when we are running a 10% off sale.