Which Plants to Choose for your Home Balcony?


Living in a confined space does not mean you can’t afford the luxury of a green home. There are a large number of plants suited for balconies. Now, whether you have a green thumb in gardening or not, you need a guide to help you pick the best balcony plants in Singapore. On that note, take a look at the below-mentioned list of the plants you should choose for your home balcony.



Do you often forget to water your plants? If yes, the succulents are perfect for you. Succulents are hardy and easy to care for plants that can survive hot and cold temperatures. Buy a succulent based on the amount of sun you get on your balcony.



Those who have limited space in the balcony should without hesitation, opt for Hydrangea shrubs. There are a variety of Hydrangeas, however, the most common and beautiful is the spherical-shaped one. Make sure to buy the dwarf shrubs and provide them with abundant water.



A brilliant choice for large balconies is ferns. To cast a lovely lush green effect on the balcony drill some hooks in the roof for hanging plants. This way, you give the ferns ample space to grow and leave tons of floor space. You must be careful to position them in a shady corner.



Lavender plants crave the bright sun. This perennial plant can bloom all year round and exude a magnificent scent. Buy a stylish planter for the plant’s beautiful purple flowers to spruce up the balcony décor.



Are you looking for some extraordinary flowers? Your search ends with the Hibiscus plant. The rich pink colour and exotic look can instantly brighten any balcony space. Purchase a hibiscus that does not require a lot of free space to grow.



A pansy is hands down a brilliant choice of flower. They bloom in mild temperatures but require bright sunlight. This flower comes in an enormous variety of colours, which will make it challenging to pick the best ones. They are small in size but give a massive makeover to your outdoor space.

Fruits & Vegetables



It is always a great idea to grow some fruits or vegetables in your balcony garden. Depending on what plant you choose, you will have to make adjustments for their required space. Your best choice for small to medium-sized balconies should be lettuce, strawberries and raspberries.

Now that you know which plants to choose for your home balcony, waste no time visiting the online plant shop. Adorn your balcony with the best flowering and foliage plants.

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