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    Hydrangeas Flowers

    The beauty and fragrance of hydrangeas enliven everyone. Our skilled florists have presented these cheerful blooms in astonishing bunches, bouquets, and other fancy arrangements which you can get as gifts for your loved ones. Hydrangeas express honesty, love, abundance, prosperity, and gratitude. So, explore our charming options and greet your loved ones with hydrangeas.

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    Hydrangeas Flowers
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    "Your company is my go to now as i know that the quality is far excellence and i have ordered many times. Thank you"
    16/07/2021, 4:29 PM
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    Delicate Love Bouquet
    "Great service and quality products"
    12/07/2021, 12:37 PM
    Occasion: birthday
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    Serene Mixed Flowers Pink Vase Arrangement
    "Feel price a bit on the high side."
    20/06/2021, 1:15 PM
    Occasion: Birthday
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    Abundance Of Floral Love Posy
    "The delivery wasn't very happy when my wife asked him to wait a moment as she wanted to put on t shirt over her workout attire."
    18/06/2021, 12:10 PM
    Occasion: birthday
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    Elegant Mixed Roses and Tulips Bouquet
    "Thank You"
    10/06/2021, 6:55 AM
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    "Delivered exactly as they said it would be! Everyone liked the flowers!"
    06/06/2021, 11:18 AM
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    Elegant Mixed Roses and Tulips Bouquet
    "Always impressed by FNP"
    03/06/2021, 2:34 AM
    Occasion: birthday
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      Buy Beautiful Hydrangea Flower Arrangements Online In Singapore

      The word “Hydrangea” is a Greek word that means “water vessel”. This water vessel is referred to as the shape of its seed capsules. Mostly the hydrangea flowers are white but they can also be blue, red, light purple, dark purple, or pink depending on the soil pH. Hydrangeas are commonly used as landscaping shrubs and their attractive small flowers in clusters add much beauty to any space. Every flower has some symbolic meaning to it and hydrangeas refer to heartfelt honest emotions, gratitude, abundance, gracefulness, and beauty. The secret message that this flower conveys is that- “you must express your true emotions. Don’t inflate your ego with bragging – rather stay modest to gain prosperity”. These flowers also symbolize deep understanding between two people and thus you can present hydrangeas bouquet to your sweetheart on your anniversary or Valentine’s Day. As hydrangeas are flowers of prosperity, you can get it for Chinese New Year, New Year, Christmas, birthday, farewell, or housewarming gifts. The Japanese people believe that this flower represents apology and that’s why one can buy it to say “I am Sorry” to someone special. In many cultures across the world, you will also find hydrangeas in bridal or wedding bouquets. So you can get hydrangeas for your loved ones are on these special occasion too: engagement, wedding, celebration of 4th wedding anniversary, thanksgiving, etc. Now, various colors of hydrangeas also symbolize various things. The pink hydrangeas refer to romance, wedding, and love. The white hydrangeas are the symbols of peace, purity innocence, grace, and abundance while the purple hydrangeas symbolize wealth, royalty, and deep understanding. The blue hydrangeas are used to express regret and you can buy blue flowers online in Singapore to express your apology to someone. Apart from these beautiful and majestic hydrangeas, you can also buy Dried Flowers online from our website and impress your loved ones on various occasion.

      Hydrangeas Flower Color And Their Meanings

      The meaning of a flower is truly determined by the colour, making it favourable for various relationships and occasions. You can choose from a variety of hydrangea flowers in various colours and express a specific emotion, feeling and more. Read to know about the different colours of Hydrangea and its meanings.

      • Pink Hydrangeas
      • Pink, the colour of cute feelings often makes pink hydrangeas a source of expressing true emotions and romance. A pink hydrangea flower arrangement can be given to someone you wish to convey your sincere feelings and love.

      • Blue Hydrangeas
      • Often used as sorry flowers, the blue hydrangea is a popular splash of blue in mixed-flower bouquets. A hydrangea bouquet in blue can be used to say sorry, express gratitude and show understanding. You can also give these flowers to mom and dad to show respect.

      • Green Hydrangeas
      • Green hydrangeas are actually the cause of the overpowering green pigment of the plant when it ages, turning the flower green in colour. It is a refreshing addition to bouquets symbolising great health, fortune, prosperity and renewal.

      • White Hydrangeas
      • As per the Victorian era, White hydrangeas are usually associated with arrogance and boasting. But, on the contrary, people relate the white colour with purity and decency, making the white hydrangeas flower perfect for Easter.

      • Purple Hydrangeas
      • Purple, the colour of pride and royalty, makes hydrangea stand out from the rest. It is often used as a premium flower to show class and elegance too. Purple hydrangeas are the favourite flowers in a wedding bouquet.

      Order Hydrangeas Bouquets In Singapore From Ferns N Petals For Swift Delivery

      Ferns N Petals is the number one flower store in Singapore which has a large collection of flowers. Hydrangea is one of the best-selling flowers that is used in bunches, bouquets, and other vase/basket/box arrangements. On various occasions like a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teachers Day, Christmas, Chinese New Year, etc. you can order these hydrangea flower arrangements and impress your loved ones. We assure you a farm-fresh quality, secure packaging, and timely delivery. You may use our midnight, same-day, express, and next-day delivery services to schedule a beautiful floral surprise for your friends and relatives in Singapore. So, explore our website and start ordering flowers for men and women in your life and greet them on various special moments.