Top 6 April Fool Pranks That Can Be Played In College

April Fools’ Day is also known as All Fools' Day. It is meant to be the light-hearted day and people are allowed to play pranks on each other. People remain extra careful on this day to save the self from pranks. Some people plan it well so that the prank is successful on friends and relatives. The basic idea is to have fun and promote light-heartedness among people. College is definitely the best place to maximize the fun of 1st April. But before you plan something notorious for your college friends or teachers, just keep in mind that the pranks should be harmless. Here are the top 6 April Fools’ Day special pranks that you can play in your college:

1. The Visibly Invisible Soap:

Does your college hostel roommate take a longer time in the shower? Are you pissed off with him/her as most of the days you have to bathe in haste or go to the classroom without a shower? Well, then, 1st April is the best day to take sweet revenge. Take his/her soap bar and apply nail polish on it. The colorless nail polish would be best in this case. The soap would not produce any lather at all and your roomie would be irritated. You can also empty the bottles of body wash or body shampoo!

Monster Prank

Warning, this is not for the weak-hearted people! For the monster prank, all you have to do is place a scary poster inside the office room ceiling right above where your colleague sits. Do not ask them to look over or give any sort of hint. Just wait for them to realize. You’ll get to know they have seen it when you’ll hear them screaming. Trust us, it will scare the hell out of them! They may get a bit angry, but then its April fool’s day and they cannot be mad at you for so long.

2. No One Can Eat Even One:

Who doesn’t love Oreo? That is like the best biscuit ever discovered. You can empty a packet or two of Oreo and then carefully remove the vanilla cream from between the biscuits. Now, in place of the vanilla cream, use things like toothpaste (if you really want to be that mean) or mayonnaise or sour cream (at least there would be some taste). Now freeze these biscuits for some time so that the toothpaste or mayonnaise or sour cream sticks properly. During the break, surprise your friends with a box full of Oreo biscuits and don’t forget to record their expressions after a bite!

3. Yeahhh Bro…Smoking Kills & Freezes Too:

Every college friend group have smoker friends – right? That’s where most of the people start to smoke. As a 1st April special prank, you can dip the cigarettes in Orajel and see your smoker friend’s lips go all numb.

4. What’s In The Bottle?

There must be a bottle of tomato ketchup or mustard sauce in your college canteen – right? Now, buy the same-looking bottles and play a notorious prank. Take some 7-8 egg yolks and whisk them really well so that it becomes “easy to flow & squeeze”. Pout this mixture in one squeeze bottle and replace the original mustard sauce bottle with this one. As a substitute to the red tomato sauce, you can first mix flour and water and then add red food color. It will be really fun to watch the students and teachers scream!

5. Hole Under The Mug:

Another simple yet fun April Fools’ prank idea is to poke the paper cups near the water filter or coffee machine. Simply poke the base of the paper cups and make sure you don’t make a hole. Just prick and poke slightly so that the water of coffee oozes slowly. It will be a mess for sure!

6. I Love My Professor:

Everyone gets bothered by the college professors surely to some extent. Write a love-letter to a professor on behalf of that professor who bothers you the most. It will be really hilarious if you can make some copies of these letters and stamp on the walls of the college corridor too!

Just keep in mind that the basic idea is not to hurt anyone. The prank ideas mentioned above are easy and simple and are aimed at some light-hearted moments of fun only!