Humorous Anniversary Gifts for Special Couples

A gift is always a special entity and speaks volumes. Every gift that we give must convey something about the kind of bond that we share with the other person to whom it is addressed. But hunting for gifts is a time consuming and tough job. Many a time, people don't put in much of a thought into the purchase of a gift and end up giving presents that are either not useful or suitable for the tastes of the person it is meant for. Thus it is important to be innovative when it comes to choosing gifts.

Weddings have always been grand affairs but the anniversary celebrations have also become popular amongst most people. With celebrations, comes the added pressure of choosing gifts for guests. Some of the cliched gifts on such occasions include flower bouquets, home decor items, dinner sets etc. But why be monotonous with gifting options when you can be innovative with a sense of humour? Let us take a look at some of the most humorous anniversary gift ideas for special couples:

  • Couple's tops with quotes- Matching couples outfit are quite easy to find and even customize. You can have them with catchy logos or personalized ones with pictures or phrases. There are a wide range of funny and catchy phrases that you can find on these outfits like just married 50 years ago, I do for the female tee and I do what she says for the male counterpart and so on. It would make for a good old humorous gift.
  • His and Her products- From pillow cases to mugs to bed covers to towels, you can get pretty much any product these days that adds a bit of couple's humour to it. Some bed covers come with a demarcations for his and her with the latter occupying 80% of the cover which makes for a good laugh.
  • Matching accessories- There are various accessories that are available in the form of a couple's set like bracelets, lockets and watches. You can add a bit of humour to it by engraving tiny messages which can be a personal joke between you and the happy couple.
  • Card with funny quotes- To add a touch of humour to your other gifts just add a hand written or illustrated card with funny quotations and phrases. The happy couple will surely laugh out loud at this innovative idea of yours!
  • Humorous photo collage or slide show- Photos are a good way to preserve and relive memories and what can be a better way to relive those fun and embarrassing moments than on an anniversary. If you are of the creative type, then go in for a photo collage of all the good, bad and ugly pictures of the couple. And if you can add an extra touch with additional videos of the couple. Don't forget to add a touch of humour to the show with funny captions or comments. This makes for a splendid gift indeed!