Unique Gift Ideas for Your Someone Special on Chocolate Day

There is hardly anyone in this world who would say a big NO to chocolates. Some may say that they are dieting and thus want to refrain from chocolates. But the love for chocolates cannot leave the brain and heart. Thus, when the occasion is Chocolate Day on 9th February, you have every reason to consume more chocolates and equally pamper your better half or partner with unique chocolate gifts. If you are still unsure about the Chocolate Day gift ideas, then here is a list of amazing gift ideas that you can gift on Chocolate Day!

Bouquet of Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher is one of the best chocolate brands in the world. This chocolate consists of a whole roasted hazelnut that is enclosed in a thin wafer shell filled with hazelnut chocolate and covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. The sweet, crunchy, and smooth taste of this chocolate is something that would be remembered forever. You may present a bouquet of Ferrero Rocher chocolates to your “Special Someone” and celebrate Chocolate Day.

Rich & Luxurious Chocolate Cake

There are some people who don’t like the solid bars of chocolates but thoroughly enjoy every bite of a chocolate cake. For those people, you must order a rich and luxurious chocolate cake. Chocolate Truffle Cake, Black Forest Cake, Chocolate Fruit Cake, Oreo Cake, Kit Kat Cake, Ferrero Rocher Cream Cake, etc. are some of the varieties for you!

Heart-Shaped Arrangement of Ferrero Rocher

Without the tasty Ferrero Rocher chocolates, how can one celebrate Chocolate Day? Express your love in a new way to your love interest or better half with a

heart-shaped arrangement of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. The week is Valentine’s Week and thus this heart-shape would add that extra romance to your celebration.

Strawberry Dipped In Chocolates

Simple, easy, and yet elegant kind of gift is this one. You would be different from the rest of the world with this unique gift. Bring some fresh strawberries home and some milk and dark chocolates both. Now, take a bowl of water and heat it in a saucepan. Take a thick glass bowl and place the chocolates in it and place this bowl on the saucepan with boiling water. Let the chocolates melt completely. You may add a bit of butter in it to bring that extra shine. Now, take the strawberries and dip it one by one and place it on a plate. Put the plate in your refrigerator and wait for at least 2-3 hours. Present this unique chocolate to your love interest and enjoy the day.

Chocolate Soaps

Simply make your lover feel mesmerized with a unique chocolate soap. Chocolate soaps are made from chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, olive oil, castor oil, vitamin E, etc. This is a very good cleanser and provides a beautiful glow to the skin.

Recipe Book of Chocolate Desserts

Look for longevity when you gifting something to your darling. If you get some edible chocolates, they would be consumed in a day or a week. But if you get a recipe book of “chocolate desserts”, then it would remain for life. Whenever, he/she needs to make something interesting for the self, family members, or guests, this book can be referred!

Chocolatey Personalized T-Shirt

Find out a crazy image of your lover while eating chocolate. That picture can be of childhood or from recent years. Now frame a nice quote around this madness for chocolates and make a personalized t-shirt for your partner. This would be remembered for ages!

Chocolate Body Spray

Are you aware of chocolate body sprays? Yes, this chocolate day, you can get an awesome chocolate body sprays for your loved ones and keep the freshness alive in your relationship. These chocolate fragrances are warm and sweet in tone and also adds a little bit of moisture to the skin.

Basket of Swiss Chocolates

History says that chocolates that are produced in Switzerland are the best ones in this whole world. You would come across many kinds of flavored chocolates too like butterscotch, strawberry, pineapple, etc. You can thus get a box full of mesmerizing Swiss chocolates for your love interest this Chocolate Day on 9th February 2019!