Guide to Singapore's Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn festival is one of the most popular and awaited festivals in Singapore. Its main activities are lighting vibrant lanterns and munching on scrumptious mooncakes. Also known as a Mooncake festival, traditionally, it falls on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the Lunar calendar. Let's dig into more information about this marvellous festival.

Different Types of Rakhi

How did it Start?

Every festival has an origin and when the event is as exciting as this, the story naturally has to be interesting. There are numerous myths and legends about the festival's genesis. One such tale is about the wife of a merciless king, Chang Er, who saved her people from his tyrannical rule by depleting his elixir of immortality. Soon after this, she went to the moon and ever since is worshipped as the Moon Goddess.

Another little tale is about the Chinese emperors in the Zhou dynasty (1045-221 BC) who would obsessively worship the moon in the hope of a bountiful crop.

What is its Significance?

The Mooncakes Festival is one of the most exciting Chinese festivals celebrated with great enthusiasm in Singapore. This event marks and commemorates the end of the Autumn harvest. Thus, friends and families gather together to greet each other, spend time and binge on delicious snacks and beverages. The beauty and aroma created by the lanterns and other decorations induce everyone to come out to the streets.

What to do?

By now, it must be as clear as what one does during the Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore. However, we have provided a list of the three most commonly practised activities.

Binge on Mooncakes

For an occasion as sweet as this, one must indulge in mouth-watering baked goodies. Thus, enter mooncakes. They are best eaten with a hot cup of tea while being surrounded by your loved ones. Most of them have a salted egg yolk filling which symbolises the moon and its representation.

Light Lanterns

No Chinese festival can be complete without some lanterns. So, why should the Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore be any different? As people light lanterns of numerous sizes, shapes and designs, the sky gleams with such brightness.

Moon Watching

Once the sun sets in, people in large numbers come to the street as moon-viewing parties. They sit and adore its beauty while binging on snacks. Some even take up poetry in the Tang Dynasty fashion.