How To Embellish Hug Day With More Than A Hug

Hug Day is two days before Valentine's Day and is the sixth day of the Valentine week, e.g. it is celebrated on the 12th of February every year. It is celebrated with much pomp and is meant to be a great day for the lovers. Hugs are very comforting to anyone and romantic hugs are sure to be very encouraging for both the lovers. There are different types of hugs and that is why you would need to make sure you do it the right way. This is how you can make the most out of hug days. However, there are, of course, things you can do so that Hug Day is not all about getting a hug.

Hug Days are supposed to be very romantic for a couple engrossed in love. That is why sharing gifts, flowers and chocolates are very common these days. You can even personalize the gifts to make your partner feel more joyous. Also, you should show some intimacy in the relationship to make sure that your beloved do not feel uncomfortable and undesired. The most important thing to remember is that Hug Day is for the couple to feel the closeness and intimacy of the relationship. Each one should be able to feel the love for the other and that is how the Hug Day could be a success. Long romantic walks, holding hands and having romantic conversations are some of the things you must do except for a hug.

Now, there are some things you should be careful about while you are hugging your partner. You would not want it to be half-hearted or ill-meaning. That is why you should know how to do it properly:

  • It should not be a hug from the side. It is for those people you would not know very well. The hug from the side would not make anyone too uncomfortable and it means there is no want of personal contact. This is not what you would want for yourselves.
  • The crossover hug is generally an accepted norm for close friends and family members and it would signify deep bonding and an intimate relation between the two. But it is still not the right way to hug your partner on a Hug Day.
  • The romantic hug would always involve a flirty contact and would show the physical attraction you would have to each other. The hug would show the romantic gestures of the two and would most certainly lead to passionate kissing and in most cases, a long-lasting relationship. You would surely feel happy about the hug and feel desired.

A proper hug would convey a caring touch and provide a sense of safety and trust, thus allowing you to communicate openly and with an open heart. They would boost the oxytocin levels in the body and make you look young and slow down the ageing. Hugs also make you happy and keep you in a good mood. Thus hugs can be one of the most frequent things for you in the Valentine week and make sure you enjoy Hug Day to the fullest!