How to Give The Best Birthday Surprise to Her?

Birthdays are very special to each and every one no matter how old they are. They add a year full of stories and memories to your life. Birthdays of loved ones are even more special to their partner, and much thought needs to go in planning an awesome surprise or a gift for them. This is the tough part, choosing the perfect gift for your partner to make her feel very special.

Birthday Surprise Ideas For Her

Here are some of the ideas for the best birthday surprise that will make her feel special

Printed cake

If you know who her favorite person or movie celebrity is, or if you know her favorite place, then get that printed on a cake. She would absolutely love this and would also be very surprised at this. The point of this is just to print the cake with her favorites. Just take a picture of whatever you want to print to the cake to the cake shop and they will assist you with it.

Cook her breakfast

The woman in the house mostly cooks for the rest of the family the entire year, every single day. So the boyfriend or husband can for once, cook her a meal. Cook her a nice, hot breakfast, be it something as simple as toast and tea. Bring it to the bed in a small table and wake her up to this amazing surprise. Women always appreciate their other half cooking for them and it gives them immense joy, so this would be a very pleasant surprise for her.

Memory wall

One of the best thing, if you have enough time, is a memory wall. A memory wall is a collection of pictures of a person based in chronological order. Collect her childhood pictures, pictures of you two together. Then paste it in a chronological year fashion. Put in her college graduation, your marriage or engagement pictures till the current birthday. It would take time and effort and but the surprise element is a lot.

Shopping Spree

If there's one thing women like to do more than anything else, it's shopping. Ask your girlfriend or wife to create a shopping list of items they wished to buy. Then take them to the local shop or where most of her artists are found.

Romantic Dinner

Book a table for two on her birthday at one of the posh restaurants in the city or if you want to add a personal touch to it, do it in your terrace or balcony. Put up a sheet on one side and decorate it with some fairy lights. Add a few candles for the romantic vibe and you are set. Now you can either order take out or cook the food yourself.

At the end of the day, it is very important that she enjoys the day to the fullest and whatever you might have arranged, you have totally made her day and made it special.