Interesting Facts About the Rare Blue Rose

Roses are red, violets are blue
Do you know there are blue roses too?

Our earth is home to different kinds of flowers, plants and foliage, but none as fascinating as a rose. The king and queen of all flowers, the rose is a symbol of love, passion and romance. This iconic flower has its roots branched out through art, history, literature and cultural tradition. More so, roses have a high demand given their rainbow hues, red, pink, black, white, etc., that grows naturally. However, there is a blue rose that is nothing but a rare sight. In this article, we share some interesting facts about the blue rose that still seems like a fantasy to many. Take a look!

Interesting Facts About the Rare Blue Rose

Not Grown Naturally

Blue roses do not occur naturally in nature like the red or pink ones. The colour blue is obtained by dying or hybridizing. Scientists applied the process of genetic modification using delphinidin; a primary plant pigment that paints the flowers blue. Growing blue rose organically is nearly impossible.

Has Several Meanings

The colour blue is associated with royalty and royal blood and therefore, the blue rose symbolizes royalty, majesty and glory. According to ancient literature, blue roses are also a symbol of prosperity, love and immortality. In fact, its symbolism also lies in love at first sight. So, if you want to express your feelings to your crush/partner, a blue rose will do justice. Altogether, its mysterious and unnatural colour has got different myths and symbolisation associated with it.

Belongs to Rosacea Family

Blue roses belong to the genus Rosa, a blue rose portrays blue-to-violet pigmentation over red, yellow or white, some common colours.

Makes Excellent Gift Option

A blue rose has some kind of magnetic power that keeps pulling the onlookers towards it. Therefore, if you are looking for a breathtaking flower to give as a gift, a blue rose is everything you are looking for. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, promotions or any other special moments - a bouquet of blue roses is sure to woo the recipient. The flower is so unique that it will be well-appreciated by everyone for its enchanting look.