Is It Necessary to Show Off Your Love on Social Media?

Social media is taking the world by storm. We hardly spend an hour in the day without looking at our phones and documenting our day-to-day activities online. The obsession with social media is partly driven by an urge to feel validated by others. And this urge can seep into other facets of our life, like our relationships. A large number of couples love posting intimate details about their love life on a public forum because the number of likes they garner on each status and picture keeps rising with time. However, it is best to not display a relationship on social media.

show off love on social media

Here’s why

Once you involve a large number of people, partly strangers, in your relationship, they feel like they have the permission to participate in it as well. If you keep posting pictures or statuses, you will attract an unwanted audience to your love life. And God forbid, if you ever break up with your current partner, you will be badgered with continuous questions. Your privacy goes for a toss when your relationship is more virtual than real.

Fights are inevitable in a relationship, and they are necessary for the part. What is unnecessary is washing your dirty linen in public. Using Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp Status messages or Instagram as a war zone is immature and quite risky. You are saying things you don’t mean in an aggravated state of mind, but they are out there for the whole world to see.

Research says that people who use social media to talk big about their relationship are usually lonely and unhappy. They are insecure about the proceedings of their relationship and look to an unknown source for motivation and validation. They usually use social media to brag about their relationship and, worse still, spy on their partners. On the other hand, couples who stay away from social media are secure and happy with their partners. They do not require the expert opinions of 100 strangers to know that their relationship is going well.

If you stay away from social media, you will be able to pay more attention to your partner. Instead of clicking pictures to post, actually engage in a conversation with the other person. If you start treating your relationship like a still from a movie, you will end up alone sooner than ever. Remember, when you start focusing too much on your online persona, you take away the qualities that make you unique.

You might have a jealous ex-lurking around on your social media. Attracting their attention would not be a good idea for your relationship. You might post a picture or two online to show how happy you are with your new man, but them seeing you two together could create some dirty drama and ain’t nobody got time for that.

People have so many opinions! They think it is okay to pass a judgment on anything not even remotely related to them. This might happen to your relationship. You might come across some unsavory comment made by some dimwit, and that will ruin your mood for the day. You cannot filter such people from your profile, so stop sharing your most cherished moments on the internet. Your relationship will improve substantially.

Keeping off social media doesn’t mean that you delete all your accounts and move to the mountains. If you’re celebrating a special occasion and both of you look really cute, click a picture and let the world see you two glows. But if ALL your profile pictures have you and your partner in the frame, then you might need to slow down.