Last Minute Preparation Tips for Boyfriend's B'Day

Last minute birthday planning is always a logistical nightmare. Falling short on decoration supplies, poor food selection, unaccounted expenses, time shortage and missed invitations are among many drawbacks faced amidst the hassle of last minute birthday preparations. While planning a birthday for your girlfriend, you don't want to commit these tragic party errors. Eleventh hour preparation itself is something that you've got to account for and topping it off with massive preparation blow offs will buy you a one-way ticket to an eternal guilt trip! Keep in mind the following tidbits to stay on course while planning a last minute birthday party for your girlfriend.

  • Enlist help: Round off your close and responsible friends and call in favours to enlist as much help as possible, while saving the maximum amount of time. Make sure to only pull in your responsible friends. The flaky and moody ones are not reliable enough to deliver on time.
  • Lead and delegate: Too many cooks spoil the broth. Instead of all running behind the same task, assign specific tasks to your friends and lay out specific instructions for carrying out the same. It is important that you take the lead and lay out the execution process because if people input their own ideas, it may throw the party off course. Assign responsibilities like venue, decorations, food, cake, drinks, music, activities and invitations separately to different individuals.
  • Achieve complete expense accountability: Make all your expenses from a single fund source instead of different individuals paying at different times. This way you will have complete knowledge of all the expenses.
  • Venue comes first: Start your preparation by fixing the venue and once you have the venue fixed, the rest of your plan will automatically fall in place.
  • No extravagance: A lot of display and extravagance always requires massive time and preparation. It's not a matter of last minute planning. Get creative and keep a minimalist and thoughtful theme. This way you get to structure a party that is flawless and attractive.
  • Do not dally with too many options: Have a clear idea of what you want, be precise and get the things you need. If you linger too much in weighing options, you'll kill time and fall behind on deadlines.
  • Not variety but exclusivity: While arranging for food, decorations, drinks and activities, do not aim for larger variety in a shorter span of time; you are bound to fail. Instead, stick to a theme and arrange everything in a simpler and more exclusive manner. This way, you can maintain quality and also create a signature.
  • Mode of transport at the go: Last minute preparations will require a lot of running around. Keeping a vehicle at your disposal will certainly speed up the process.
  • Go to the nearest store: Everyone usually has a specific shop for a specific commodity and we tend to maintain our loyalties while buying the same. However, junk this mindset when planning a party at the eleventh hour. Avail of the nearest store for stocking up on supplies quickly.
  • Stack up on food and drinks: Food and drinks are the life of any party. You fall short on these and your reputation is at stake. Hence, always stay prepared to feed a few extra mouths.