Missing You Songs - Have You Heard Them All?

Missing someone you love is not always a happy feeling certainly. There are many 'missing you' songs for when you really miss someone very close to your heart. Some people read up old conversations, some smile without reason, others listen to missing you songs and then they miss them all the more. These missing you songs really reminds you that you love someone.

There are many beautiful missing you songs - have you heard them all? Here's a list of the all time famous miss you songs, so that you can save them and feel them.

  • "Ain't no sunshine", a beautiful song by Bill Withers; the romantic lyrics just take your breath away 'and she's always gone too long, anytime she goes away.'
  • "I'm gonna miss you, when you are gone", a song by Patti Griffin with these lyrics 'There's gonna be some rainy Sundays wishing and wondering, when I'll see you again'.
  • "Darling be home soon", by The Lovin Spoonful, "I've been waiting since I toddled for the great relief of having you to talk to".
  • "The Bed's too big, without you", by The Police, the beautiful lines "I get through day but late at night. Made love to my pillow but it didn't feel right".
  • "Where are you tonight?" A famous song by Bob Dylan, "the truth of obscure, too profound and too pure, to live it you have to explode.
  • The melodious old song of Cliff Richard "Miss you nights" is a very beautiful missing you song, known for its beautiful lyrics.

These songs will not only give you a high in your low times but also refresh your memories with your loved ones. Once you hear these songs, you cannot stay without hearing them again and again. When we miss someone wholeheartedly, we listen to these songs, which take us to a dreamy land where memories flash across our minds and give us a sweet feeling. It is said that we listen to songs when we are happy but we actually understand the lyrics when we miss someone badly. No matter how long it has been, there are times when it suddenly becomes difficult while missing the person we love.

Some songs will make us cry, when we hear them but it is not the songs, it is actually the people whom we remember and the memories that we created with them; we miss those times and the people.

Missing you songs, if you have heard in your low times, will give you an ease on memories of the past. These songs are typically sweet and we can relate to them beautifully. They give our mind and heart a feeling of serenity and we often get addicted to their sweet tunes or words.

Create your own memories live your own life, listen to your favourite missing you songs, keep your mind and heart calm and keep your positivity alive.