Proposing to her on her birthday? Here's how to do it

If you're planning on proposing the love of your life and waiting for a perfect day then what can be the best day than her birthday. As both of you are going to remember this day for your entire life so you need to make it special. Birthday is a great time to get all the close people around and gifting your girl with a new shiny diamond ring. Proposing is a tough job and when it comes to proposing her on her birthday then it can make you quite nervous. Because you wouldn't want to do any stupid thing to make her upset. If you're thinking on proposing her then here we are going to talk about some unique ways to do it without making her suspicion.


As it is her birthday so you need to make her birthday plan first. So customize a cake for your proposal and one for her birthday. After she accepts your proposal, bring the customized cake with both of your name on top. Or you can do something different by writing a short message on the birthday cake.


You can also use the gift to propose her. You can keep the ring in a small box and keep it in other big boxes. She will open one box after another and at the end, she will get the ring with a message in it. But do not forget to bring her the birthday gift. The ring is a great gift but you also need to make her understand that her birthday is also important.

Give a Speech

When you're proposing someone for making them spend their entire life with you, you also need to make her feel how strong your bond is. So you can give her a sweet speech or say a toast and make her feel special. If you're going to propose her after the speech or during the speech chances of expecting a yes is high.

Throw a Party

To make the day more special for her throw her a surprise birthday party and make sure all the people close to her is present at that day. It will show your efforts then it will tell her how much you care for her happiness. What more can a girl expects from a guy with whom she wants to spend her life with?


You can take her to a place where she always wanted to go. Plan a date there and during the celebration just get down on your knees and propose her.

Do Not Tell Anyone

If you are going to tell your plan to anyone they might get too excited and spill the beans. So you don't want to spoil your surprise, right? So make sure to keep it a complete surprise, both to your girl and to the guest.

Hire a Professional Photographer

You can hire a professional photographer who will capture the moments when you will propose to your girl. This plan is in every girl's dream wedding plan.

Getting an engagement ring during birthday is surely going to be her favorite birthday gift and an emotional story which she will tell everyone. Make sure to make it a day worth remembering.