Biggest Don'ts on Your Girlfriend's Birthday

Relationships are tricky and birthdays are trickier. Birthdays are both relationship builders and breakers. Though not in theory but in a relationship, your every move is noted and calculated by the other person, and for every time you slip, you will be dealt an apt counter! Hence, it is important that on your girlfriend's birthday you duly steer clear of all the don'ts.

  • Remember - When screening through the list of don'ts, the red alert level don't is DO NOT forget her birthday! You commit this mistake and you are finished and there is no coming back from it. Even saying sorry for the rest of your life will not suffice.
  • Keep your friends limited - On her birthday, quite naturally, she'll want to be the center of your attention. Inviting too many of your friends will put her in an insecure zone where your friends may hog a lot of attention. Invite a handful of close friends with whom she feels comfortable and lavish your time on her.
  • Drink but not like a fish - On her birthday she may have her friends and relatives over; she wants you to appear decent, presentable and responsible in front of them and not a drunken mess. Choose another weekend to get sloshed, not her birthday.
  • Do not meddle with gifts out of your league - Now if you plan to gift your girl a fashionable outfit or make-up accessories, try not be a smart-ass and select on your own. Female clothing and make-up is foreign to you and beyond your jurisdiction and there is absolutely nothing you could do about it. If you try to reach beyond your limits, you will end up gifting her something that will stay locked up in her wardrobe for eternity and never see the light of day. You might know the colour she likes, but you have no idea of the shade she prefers for the type of clothing you are considering. You might know her size, but you will never know the fit. Selection of female clothing is too complex a process for a male mind to process. Surprises are good but keep it reserved for an aspect that you will have a better control over. For clothing and make-up shopping do take your girl along with you; this action will be well received.
  • Clean up nice - Shave, shower and perfume

    aptly for the occasion. You might be a shabby person on every other day but at a social gathering she definitely expects you to clean up well and appear presentable. Now maybe your lover happen to be a very understanding individual and she won't make it an issue if you don't clean up, but regardless she expects you do. On her birthday the least you could do is to meet her expectations.
  • Stay off your smart devices - On her birthday, bury your face in her hair or steal a quick kiss but do not get immersed in your smartphone or other smart devices by all means!
  • Do not hold back - True it is hard for guys to get expressive and emotional (though deep down they want to) but try your best and bring your A-game into getting creative and passionate. This will certainly translate into huge rewards in the near future!