The Significance of Different Roses on Rose Day

Significance of The Different Roses

  • Red Roses
  • These roses symbolize love and romance. If you have fallen in love and want to let your loved one know about your feelings, then gifting him or her red roses is a great option. This is in fact the most beautiful way of depicting your feelings to your loved ones.

  • Pink Roses
  • This rose is given in order to express your admiration and appreciation for a particular person. If you want to appreciate someone for the work that he or she has done then gifting him or her a pink rose will do the job.

  • White Roses
  • These roses express spirituality. This also marks a new beginning. So you can definitely gift this when you propose marriage to your beloved.

  • Orange Roses
  • These roses are considered to be the wildest children in the rose family. This represents passion and enthusiasm. If you want to deliver a passionate or an enthusiastic message then this can surely be the best option for you.

  • Yellow Roses
  • These roses represent good health and friendship. If you cherish a friendship then you can surely gift a yellow rose to your friend. This is the best way of putting across your message to your friend.

    If you are planning to propose to your dream girl or dream man then this day can definitely be an excellent pick. Apart from gifting roses you can also spend this day doing a number of other things that you like. This marks the beginning of the week which celebrates love. So you can spend the day with your soul mate and do some shopping for your loved ones. You can also go on a lunch date and finally end your day with a good candle light dinner.

    Apart from gifting roses to your beloved, you can also give other gifts on this day. You can make a beautiful greetings card and convey your message to your beloved. This is a very special day and if celebrated in the right way, can actually mark a new beginning for your relationship.

    There is however one thing that you have to keep in mind on this day. Make sure that the rose should depict your real feelings for the person. Choosing the wrong color may actually be problematic as it can send across a wrong message to someone.