9 Things to do when You are Missing Your Bae!!

Sometimes missing someone is your heart's signal to you that you love them. There are days when you know that someone is special to you and when days don't seem right without them. You keep yourself busy with the things you do but when you pause every time you still think of them. Missing someone isn't about how long it has been since you have seen them or talked to them, it is about that very moment you were doing something and wishing they were right here with you.

Here are 9 things to do when you are missing your bae!!

  • Send your bae a sweet text telling them how much you are missing them. In fact you can't type one you can send a sweet emoji message and expect a reply in return and continue with the sweet conversations.
  • Hang out with friends that will keep you diverted and indulge in a get together or a shopping spree, or grab a cup of coffee or go to the movies with friends.
  • Channel your emotions into something creative - emotional highs and lows tend to bring out the creativity in a person. The best thing is to focus on your hobbies which you were once fully indulged in like painting, playing guitar, sketching, dancing and so on.
  • Lighten up your sad mood into a happy one by reminding of the thought of meeting your bae again. A little fantasy will help you to convert the frustration of missing your bae into beautiful thoughts.
  • Make a quick call to say 'Hi', do not think at all and quickly make a call to your bae and tell how much you are missing them. This will not only make them feel happy but also listening to their voice for a short time will bring a smile to you face.
  • Avoid looking at pictures of the two of you together as it will not be going to help your anxiety to rest. In fact it will push you deeper into the emotional thing you are already in.
  • Find more sources to keep in touch, download more social apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, Hike and so on to text sweet messages with pictures and emojis. This will give you a feel of being connected with him all the time on just the touch of a button every time and makes you smile.
  • Be happy about missing your bae, love is supposed to be like that only. Feel good about your relationship and be happy about the fact that you both love each other immensely. Missing your love is completely natural and there is no reason why you should be embarrassed about the same.
  • Go old school and write letters to your bae if you are in a long distance relationship. Sending hand written letters is one of the most emotionally pacifying things that you will ever experience in life. Pull out all your deepest emotions from your heart and pen them down in your messages to your bae.