Add Innovative Proposal to Flower Bouquet on Rose Day

Valentine's Day fever starts gripping us a week before the actual day. But the day of love cannot come all by itself. It is preceded by other special days and rose day is one such day. The Valentine week starts with Rose day on the 7th of February. The love week ends on the 14th of February which is Valentine's Day.

Rose Day is however not just celebrated by couples. If you want you can also celebrate it with your friends. You can gift your special friend a bouquet of yellow roses on this day to celebrate your friendship. The different colors of roses are associated with different emotions and you can choose the color that is suitable for the emotion that you want to express.

However if you are interested to add an innovative proposal to your bouquet, here's what you can do:

  • Gift a Bouquet that is in The Shape of a Heart
  • If you want to convey your feelings to your soul mate on rose day then you can surely do so by gifting him/her a heart shaped bouquet. This will let him or her know about your feelings. You can either buy this bouquet from a nearby florist or order it online and get it delivered to your soul mate's house on this special day.

  • Gift Her a Gold Rose Along with A Fresh Bouquet of Roses
  • If you are really interested to make this day special then you can definitely add a gold rose to your bouquet. This will let your beloved know about the purity of your feelings. You also have the option of buying these gold roses from an online gift store.

  • Gift a Rose Shaped Cushion
  • You can also make the Rose day special by gifting a rose shaped cushion to your beloved. You can choose a good quality, soft cushion and add it to your bouquet. This is definitely a very innovative idea and your soul mate is sure to love it.

  • Gift Your Beloved Some Rose Shaped Chocolates
  • Everyone loves chocolates and if your soul mate is also one among them then you can definitely gift her some heart shaped chocolates. She will surely love it.

  • Give a Gift Hamper Basket Along with The Bouquet
  • There are a number of gift hamper baskets available online. So you can choose a hamper that contains chocolates, cookies and other small gift items to gift your beloved along with the bouquet of roses.

  • Gift her a fantastic dress along with the rose bouquet
  • Most women are very fond of wearing beautiful dresses and so if you want you can surely gift her a bouquet along with a dress of her choice. This will definitely make her feel very happy and remember this special day for years to come.

    Most of us are extremely busy these days and hardly have time to celebrate with our loved ones. So it is definitely a very good idea to celebrate Rose Day with a gorgeous bouquet and also to slip in these innovative items in order to propose to your beloved in style!