Top 10 Funky Gift Ideas

The market is filled with conventional gifts. Selecting a good gift is tricky on its own, and making it unique is even more difficult. But, it is possible to come up with a gift that is completely unheard of or not that common. Here are some cool, funky and unusual gift ideas suitable for any occasion.

Top Funky Gift Ideas
  • Invisible bookshelf - We all know a bibliophile who is crazy about books. But getting a bookshelf is a cumbersome process. Also, traditional bookshelves are slowly fading out. The invisible bookshelf can be installed easily on any wall, and it makes the books look like they are hovering in the thin air. It is really fun to watch, and quite convenient too.
  • Wood Log Pillow - Have you ever wanted to sleep on a log of wood? Cease the raised eyebrows; it's not a bad idea. We bring to you a soft and plush pillow that looks exactly like a big log of wood. This is a great gift for those who feel at one with nature and are also sound sleepers.
  • Wall Clock Hidden Safe - Have you seen one of those movies where the protagonist shifts a shelf or a painting to reveal a safe behind it? You can have that now. This wall clock doubles as a super-secret safe and will keep all your valuables absolutely intact. If you know somebody who does not believe in bank lockers, this will make the perfect gift for them.
  • Fire Extinguisher Party Drink Dispenser - Parties are lit at this person's house. So light, in fact, that they need an extinguisher full of drinks. This makes for a perfect addition to a party, mainly because it's like a water cooler where the guests can get their drinks themselves. Your favorite party animal will be eternally thankful to you for this.
  • Money Plant in a designer pot- Money plants are said to bring wealth and prosperity to a household. Get a money plant in a fabulous pot and give it to your friend. It is a great housewarming gift for anyone who has just moved into a new apartment.
  • Game over Mug - If your friend is an avid video game lover, then this mug will amuse them. It can be used for tea, coffee and soup. They can hold it like a video game control, and once they are finished with their drink, a digitalized "Game Over" will come up. It's a great gift for someone who is a diehard fan of video games.
  • Everybody needs a cool wallet, and there are many funky options available in this category. You can get a wallet with a graphic design on the body, or one that looks like a denim pocket. A gift like this is both useful and trendy.
  • Pen drives are another essential item of utility. They come in regular shapes, as well as many funky shapes. You can get pen drives in the shape of burgers, Minions, fruits and much more. Select the one that will suit your friend's preferences and present them with this on their special day.
  • Ever heard of color changing mugs? These cool inventions of technology change color with the addition of a hot beverage. They come in a variety of designs, making them a cheap and goofy gift to give. You can also get them personalized according to your wishes.
  • If you are looking for something to give to a child, zombie slippers should be on your consideration list. These slippers look like zombie's heads and make absolutely hilarious presents. They will make perfect gifts for all the young "The Walking Dead" fans.