3 Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas

For those who are getting married, one of the most essential things to ensure is what style of wedding bouquets they will buy. These can be traditional or unique depending on the style or the flowers that you like. These would work for the bride's bouquet or even for those of the bridesmaids. Here are just 3 of the most unique ideas for wedding bouquets that you can carry for your wedding.

Horizontal Setting

For those who want something different, the horizontal setting is perfect. The flowers are set in a straight line rather than the ring. They can contain a wide variety of blooms and greenery. Some of the most common ones that one can include are:

Roses : Carnations : Gerbera daisies : Foxglove : Tulips : Gardenia : Orchids : Peonies : Clematis recta : Ranunculi : Ferns : Babies breath : Vines

You can choose almost any flower that you want. The florist will arrange them into a gorgeous bouquet and you can mix and match the colors as well with shades such as pink, purple, red, blue, yellow, white and orange.

Along with this you can add some foliage to give it a spark of green along with some ribbons to bring in elegance. Not only will the ribbons add grace, but they can also add some vibrancy to the bouquet as well.

Lantern Bouquets

You can make a bouquet using lanterns, which can be filled with candles or even flowers. You can also attach some greenery or flowers to the handle to drape over the lantern and create a really dramatic look. There are a few things that you can use to customize these, including:

Forest ferns : Ribbon : Lace : Glass Gems : Painted or Colored Glass : Metal lanterns (Silver or Gold) : Blooms : Pre-Painted Lantern

Not only can you add flowers, but you can fill in with petals for a soft look. This is not something that you will see everywhere, but it is a grand idea indeed.

Seashells Bouquet

For those who dream of having a beach wedding, there are again some more exclusive options. You can plan to create a bouquet made out of seashells placed in a specific manner so that they look like the petals of a flower. This is a wonderful idea to go for adding more colors and having a bouquet that is supremely artistic and different. You can also put sand for the base, if you plan for one with the theme of a beach. This is also a great way to use shells that you might have from a vacation to make the bouquet something full of memories.

There are many ideas to have a unique bouquet, and you can find them easily. If you have something that you love, whether it is seashells or a lantern or even your favourite bloom, then a dramatic bouquet can be created just around that. Simply choose the shades that you love and then pick the elements, such as ribbons, greenery and others to complete the look. You would like to make your wedding day the most memorable one, so go for something that best suits you.