How to Handle BFF Break up

A true friend is one who is always there in need. Breakups are very difficult to handle when it ends on a sad and bitter note. When your best friend-forever faces a breakup, being a true friend you have to support her. She is already going through a tough phase in life and you being her friend should always ask her to be strong and handle the situation with utmost strength. Here are few things you should never do doing this time, keep a track of the points to prove your loyalty to the needy hours:

Don't Try To Be Too Talkative

While your friend is going through a breakup, you should always keep calm and try to become a good listener because at this point of time all she needs is someone to whom she can let her heart out. She would like to share all her memories with someone trustworthy and who can be more trustworthy than you.

Don't Tell Her About Her Ex

Never ever tell her that you didn't like her ex-boyfriend because of his attitude or his nature or the way he used to get along with you. This can make the situation worse. The way he used to be with you is something you should have discussed earlier.

Don't Ask her to start dating immediately

This is not the correct time for her to date someone else immediately. You should never advise your friend to get hooked up just after a breakup. She should take as much time as she wants to take to heal her heart. Heartbreaks are not easy especially when it was a serious relationship.

Don't Keep the Phone Near Her

This is a very emotional time to combat with. So you should keep your friend's phone away from her because she would want to reread all the old messages and this could break her even more. She may also want to call her ex to get back into the relationship again. The more she delves into the past the more it will be painful for her to forget the past.

Don't Show Her Emotional Movies

Movies and even songs surely change the mood but at this time when your friend is already emotionally drained don't even try to show her emotional movies as these could break her even more.

Don't Offer False Hopes

No matter what or how closely you know your friend's boyfriend, you should never give her fake hopes that he would come back to her. Until and unless you are absolutely sure do not comment on it as this will hurt your friend more and can even worsen your relationship with your BFF.

Don't Let her stay idle

Try to divert your friend's attention and talk about things apart from the breakup. This can change her mood for the time being. Try to engage her to do something that could possibly make her happier. Get her into her hobbies and something constructive that would keep her mind and soul busy.