What to Get Him on your 25th Anniversary?

When it comes to choosing a gift, you have to bring out the essence of your relationship with your better half courtesy the gift that you choose. Your husband deserves a sweet surprise that fittingly commemorates your journey together. If you are looking to surprise him on the special day of celebrating 25 years of together you can take a few hints from these gifting ideas:

  • Leather Goodies - From office bags to wallets to belts, all leather items make for a perfect option in this regard. Men always carry around a wallet and on most occasions, sport a belt. One can make it personalised by engraving their initials on the belt or attaching metallic pins of their initials on the wallet. Leather always makes for a classy affair!
  • Tie and Tie Pins - These make for an excellent gift choice if they sport a tie and attend formal events. They come in all different shades, materials and patterns. Pair it up with an elegant tie pin for a perfect matching set. A wide range of tie pins are available and you can choose to give one in silver considering you will be celebrating your silver jubilee anniversary with your spouse.
  • Silver cufflinks or other accessories - Cufflinks are an elegant gift for your better half and is sported on special occasions to elevate the style quotient. You can opt for one in basic silver or even go for the ones studded with precious gems for that extra special touch.
  • Plan a vacation - Why should husbands always be the one planning vacations? On your 25th anniversary, make him feel special by arranging a romantic get-away exclusively for the two of you. Surprise him by booking a room with a view at a luxury hotel and don't forget to add a touch of romance with candles, flowers and champagne.
  • Photo Albums - Photos always makes us nostalgic. So what can be a better gift item than a photo album? One can opt to make one themselves by hunting down their childhood pictures and pictures of great memories that you and your husband have shared together in the past 25 years. These can also be made into a collage and presented in a frame. If you are more comfortable with technology you can also opt for making photo albums online.
  • Handmade Gifts - Nothing can be more personal and unique than a handmade gift. Be it a portrait or a knitted sweater or even a baked cake, your husband is bound to love anything that you prepare for him. And one thing is for sure, there will never be anything as special as something that you made yourself!