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      Flower Subscription

      A Thoughtful way to make your day bright and colourful

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      How Does This Work?

      We will deliver beautiful and fresh flowers to your doorstep as per your schedule to brighten up your living space.

      You can schedule it for a loved one too.

      Choose YourFlower Subscription

      Daily Subscriptions for Week
      Weekly Subscriptions for One Month
      Bi-Weekly Subscriptions
      Plants Subscription for 6 Months

      Daily Subscriptions for Week

      Weekly Subscriptions for One Month

      Weekly Subscriptions for One Month

      Subscription for 6 Months

      Why Us

      Now, Refreshing Flowers Come with Convenient Subscription

      From poets to authors, the reminiscent beauty of flowers is known to all. Flowers are one of the brightest and most beautiful gifts of all time. While some people like receiving birthday flowers, wedding flowers, etc., others enjoy waking up to a beautiful bunch of blooms for refreshing and positive days. For all those flower lovers, flower subscriptions are like a daily source of joy. Flower subscriptions enable people to enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers daily, weekly, monthly or as they like. Ferns N Petals online flower shop in Singapore brings forth flower subscription services that will help you indulge in the freshness of blooms in a flowery routine. Even if you wish to get corporate flowers, you can buy our subscription and get your flowers delivered right to your workplace. This means you won't have to go to flower shops in Singapore or order flowers every day online. You can choose from a variety of flower subscriptions in Singapore offered by Ferns N Petals. Explore our extensive variety of floral subscription services now.

      Our Flowers & Plant Subscription Plans in Singapore & How Do They Work?

      • Flower Subscription in Singapore
      • We have different types of flower subscriptions for you to choose from. You can go for a daily flower subscription for a week with 7 deliveries (a bunch a day). Other than that, our fresh flower weekly delivery has 4 deliveries (one bunch a week) for up to a month. Choose the blooms of your choice with Ferns N Petals. You can get carnations, roses, tulips, mixed flowers and various other flowers depending on the availability and favourites.

      • Plant Delivery Subscription in Singapore
      • In a weekly plant delivery subscription, you will get 4 deliveries (one plant each) every week for a month. Whereas, in a monthly plant delivery subscription, you will get 6 deliveries (one plant each) for 6 months. The range of plants in subscription includes money plant, bonsai, green echeveria, peace lily, jade plant, white orchids, snake plant, succulents, and more.

      Steps to Avail Subscription Services Online

      Getting flower subscriptions from Ferns N Petals is just a matter of a few clicks. With three simple steps, you can get your favourite flowers & plants delivered to your doorstep every day.

      • Select the flowers you wish to get
      • Choose the suitable plan
      • Deliver as you like

      For any other queries, you can write to us at support@fnp.sg or ring us at +65 97279363.

      FAQs Based on Flowers & Plants Subscription

      Tell me more about the flower subscription at Ferns N Petals?

      Flower subscription at Ferns N Petals is a service to refresh your day with beautiful flowers based on your choice. We have different flower subscriptions in Singapore to choose from. Our range of blooms consists of roses, lilies, tulips, carnations, and various other flowers. You can get a bunch of flowers for the vase and various other assortments daily, weekly, bi-weekly and more. You can also avail of a plant delivery subscription at your convenience.

      How long are the subscription plans?

      There are different types of subscription plans available on Ferns N Petals. You can choose daily subscriptions for a week, weekly subscription for a month, bi-weekly subscriptions and plan subscriptions for 6 months online from our website. Get fresh flower weekly delivery for as long as you want using Ferns N Petals.

      How can I change the size of my flower bouquet?

      You can change the size of your flower bouquet by ringing us at +65 97279363. You can also write to us at support@fnp.sg. Our customer service executives will assist you with your queries and change the size of your bouquet as per the request.

      When can I deactivate or reactivate this flower subscription service?

      You can deactivate and reactivate your flower subscription in Singapore at any time using your Ferns N Petals account. Visit your account and make changes to your subscription at your convenience. For further assistance, you can contact our customer support team at support@fnp.sg or get in touch with them via call at +65 97279363. They will assist you according to your requirements.

      For Delivery

      When will I receive my subscription?

      You will receive your subscription as per the delivery slot selected. Whether you need your flower subscription in Singapore every week., bi-weekly, daily or monthly, you can easily get fresh flowers as per the specified time slot.

      Is there any delivery charge?

      While the standard delivery is free, you can avail of other delivery benefits at a minimal cost. For morning and fixed-time delivery, the delivery charge is S$10. For midnight delivery, the delivery fee is S$15.

      Can I pick a specific time for my subscription to be delivered?

      You can check out our delivery slots and choose your suitable time for fresh flowers weekly delivery, daily delivery, bi-weekly or as per your convenience. Similarly, for plants, you can choose your delivery slot and get your plant subscription delivered right on time.

      What if no one is home to receive the subscription box?

      Our team alerts the receiver before the flower delivery. The delivery executive gets in touch before and after reaching the address. We can also leave your flowers with neighbours. In all situations, you will be notified in advance. In case you wish to notify us, you can ring us at +65 97279363.

      What places do Ferns N Petals offer plants and flower subscriptions in Singapore?

      Ferns N Petals offers flowers and plant delivery subscriptions across Singapore. You can deliver to cities like Clementi, Tampines, Woodlands, Bukit Batok, Jurong West, Queenstown, Novena, Bedok, Yishun, Jurong East, Boon Lay and various other places in Singapore with us.

      For Payments

      How much does a Ferns N Petals' subscription cost?

      Daily Subscriptions of flowers for 1 week:

      • Carnations - Starting from S$ 399
      • Mixed Flowers - Starting from S$ 1009
      • Roses - Starting from S$ 599
      • Tulips - Starting from S$ 809

      Weekly Subscriptions of flowers for 1 month:

      • Colourful Flowers - Starting from S$ 589
      • Carnations - Starting from S$ 289
      • Roses - Starting from S$ 409
      • Tulips - Starting from S$ 489

      Choose the subscription that best suits you according to your budget. You can also go for a plant delivery subscription on a weekly or monthly basis. Weekly subscription starts from S$160 and monthly subscription starts from S$320.

      Will I be charged once or weekly (upon receiving my subscription box)?

      You will be charged once, at the time of buying the subscription. Other than that, you will not be charged anything except for any additional services during your flower subscription in Singapore.

      Are there any other additional charges?

      We do not have any additional or hidden charges except the convenience fee which is stated clearly at the time of payment.

      What if I do not like the flowers that I have received this week?

      Ferns N Petals rolls out the best of flowers for their customers at all times. But, if there's any shortcoming or if you are unhappy with the flowers or other services, you can connect with our customer support team immediately. They will look into the matter and arrange for re-delivery of flowers as needed.

      For Orders

      How are the weekly flower arrangements curated?

      Flower arrangements are creatively put together by skilled florists at Ferns N Petals. The weekly flower arrangements are curated keeping in mind the season, availability and most importantly, the freshness and condition of the flowers and plants. We strive to deliver the best flowers and plant delivery subscriptions across Singapore.

      Is it possible to order an extra bouquet for the already chosen flower subscription plan?

      Absolutely yes! You can add flowers for special occasions like birthday, thank you or anniversary flowers besides your pre-planned subscription. Order an extra bouquet along with your subscription by connecting with our customer service agents. For this, you will need your order number. The extra bouquet will be charged over and above the subscription cost. You can also email your requests at support@fnp.sg.

      What type of flowers will I receive in a subscription?

      You can get a subscription for different flowers as per your likes and preferences. From beautiful carnations in a bouquet to rose vase arrangements and tulips vase arrangements, we have different types of flowers and arrangements for you to choose from. Explore our website and choose fresh flower weekly delivery, daily or bi-weekly delivery using our website.

      In case I want to change the delivery address, how can I do that? OR How can I change the delivery address after placing the order?

      Yes, you can change your delivery address by reaching us at +65 97279363. You can also write your concerns via email at support@fnp.sg.


      Need to Pause Your Subscription?

      Whether you're on a holiday or any other concern, you can easily pause your subscription and continue it later. All you need to do is write to us at support@fnp.sg or give us a call at +65 97279363 stating your concerns. We will pause your subscription right on time.