Are there Different Types of Money Plants?

Today, Indoor plants are known for more than their lush green leaves! They are a status symbol, a lucky charm or an ornament that amps up a place. Among many, the most common indoor plant that you may have seen in every other household is the money plant. It is easy to maintain, effortlessly beautiful, good for air purification and known to bless the caretaker with good fortune. But do you know, that there is more than one type of money plant in nature? Let’s dig into the different types of money plants that will complement your home and life with positivity.

Types of Money Plants

Golden Money Plant

If the plant's name reminds you of gold, then we are on the same page. Golden pothos or the golden money plant got its identity from the colour of its stunning leaves. The leaves of the plant have shades of golden-yellow colour, which gives them a unique shine. You can place it in hanging pots and the tendrils of the plant will act as beautiful home décor.

Silver Money Plant

Another variety of money plants is named after its resemblance to the actual silver colour. Like the golden one, this money plant has uneven blotches of silver all over its leaves. Keep the silver money plant under indirect sunlight to see its leaves shimmer under the dim light. A good place to keep the silver money plant is above your curtain rod. The leaves will fall on the curtain fabric and give you the same shining effect.

Split Leaf Money Plant

The split-leaf money plant is the biggest among all types of money plants. It has massive leaves that are quite identical to the leaves of palm trees. Apart from being a lucky charm, the plant looks quite impressive on the big corners of the house. And since it is drought resistant, you don’t have to worry about its watering need.

Swiss Cheese Money Plant

If you have seen the unique pattern of swiss cheese, then you can guess why this money plant is named after it. The leaves of the plant have a perforated pattern which makes them look like a slice of swiss cheese. However, such a pattern makes this plant fragile and rarer as compared to other listed types of money plants. So, if you are planning to buy a swiss cheese money plant online or from a nursery, then make sure to give it good care.

Big Leaf Money Plant

Popularly known as the Chinese money plant, the big leaf money plant is different from all other plants. It has big round-shaped leaves, attached to a thick trunk and stems. If you don’t know how to take care of a plant, then this plant is just perfect for you. You can keep it in any condition and it will stay green and usher you with luck no matter what.