Terrariums: Everything you Need to Know

If you have got green thumbs, fingers or heart, but are unable to put down green roots, Terrariums are just what you need. This mini-ecosystem is fun, easy to create and is an effortless way to perk up your indoor/outdoor space. Besides, they are self-sustaining and thus, require very little care on your part. Here’s everything about these low-maintenance and stylish plants for both terrarium novices and those who need revision.

Terrariums Everything you Need to Know

What are Terrariums?

They are semi or fully glass-enclosed, mini gardens. Think of them as a little, personal greenhouse for your home. Almost all terrariums are tiny enough to fit into bottles or jars as well as big enough to display on an entire table.

What are the Different Types of Terrariums?

There are mainly two types of terrariums that you can buy or even build yourself - open and closed. As the name speaks, a closed terrarium is the type of terrarium that is built completely inside an enclosed container. It is best for plants that prosper in humid environments. On the other hand, an open terrarium is made in an open-air container. They are perfect for plants that require good air circulation and sunlight.

What are the Caring Tips for Terrariums?

Lightning - Place your terrarium in a well-lit area that receives indirect sunlight. Never put them in direct sunlight as it may burn the plants.

Water- For open terrariums pour water every 1 or 2 weeks depending on the season. Keep the soil moist and never let it dry completely. For closed terrariums, pour little water to keep the soil moist. Don’t overwater as that may create fog inside.

Temperature- The temperature should be moderate. Never place them in extremely cold or hot places.

Fertiliser - Avoid adding any fertiliser to your terrarium as it will only encourage growth and thus, it will no longer be a mini-ecosystem.

What Plants Work Best for Terrariums?

Some of the good choices that work best in terrariums are:

Cacti - Yes. Cactus does make a good plant that grows favourably in terrariums. Just select a container without a lid.

Air plants - Air plants are epiphytes which means they don’t need any soil. They get nutrients via their leaves. Besides, they do well in an open terrarium.

Succulents - Succulents are quite low maintenance and work best for terrariums.

Miniature Ivies - Ivy plants work perfectly for open as well as closed terrariums. Their tiny leaves and limbs wrap around other plants nicely and make the whole arrangement look lush.