Best Indoor Flowering Plants

Keeping indoor plants at home or other premises helps in many ways. Indoor plants have therapeutic and other health benefits associated with them. And there is no doubt that they brighten an area with their vibrance. Especially indoor flowering plants, which add beauty to a space with their bright colours and different hues. However, many people face difficulty growing indoor flowering plants and often get upset with their failed survival. So here’s a list of the best indoor flowering plants that are easy to maintain and can survive even with a newbie caretaker.

Best Indoor Flowering Plants


The exotic fragrance diffuser, Jasmine, is a popular flowering plant that can be grown indoors. The Jasmine plant requires a good amount of sunlight, so it is recommended to keep it near a window or any space with ample light. However, the plant blooms amazingly when misted with water frequently.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are one of the best indoor flowering plants because of their low-maintenance nature. They produce beautiful white flowers that can add elegance to any space. Peace lilies also help purify the air and can absorb toxins like acetone vapour. However, avoid keeping the peace lily plant if you have a cat, as it can be poisonous for the feline.


Popular in the Christmas season, Poinsettias are vibrant plants that bear bright red leaves. The beautiful leaves are mostly mistaken as flower petals because of their starry appearance. These flowering plants can be grown all year long with little watering. They are easy to maintain and look very beautiful when fully bloomed.


The famous Lavender plant is a popular choice for indoor flowering plants. The plant blooms stunning purple flowers that produce a very therapeutic fragrance. They are comfortably grown indoors with access to proper light and regular watering. Make sure you only water the plant when the soil is dry to avoid overwatering.

African Violet

These indoor flowering plants are a classic addition to your home or any indoor space. African Violets require indirect sunlight, so it is best to keep them near a window. They can bloom for years if taken proper care of. Keep them slightly moist and don’t overwater. African Violets are easy to maintain and can enhance the look of any area with their blossoms.

These were some of the many flowering plants that can be grown indoors. So, add a pop of colour with nature’s blessings in the form of flowers. Try growing some of these best indoor flowering plants in your space and enjoy the beautiful blooms.