Best Indoor Plants to Keep for Good Health

Home, sweet home. Really, there is no such place as our residential apartment. However, even if your living space is immaculately clean, there is a chance that you may catch certain diseases. Scary, isn't it? How are you to make sure that you and your family members are absolutely protected against harmful airborne bacteria and toxins? Well, one popular method to sterilize the air within your home is to keep certain house plants. Plants are known to absorb dangerous chemical elements found in the air. Compounds and fumes released by paints, printers, gas cylinders and other common household commodities are potentially harmful if ingested or inhaled in large quantities. House plants are excellent in purifying the air, eradicating these chemicals and making your apartment disease-proof.

Aloe Plant

This is one of the most popular house plants in the market. It's ready availability and hassle-free maintenance properties make it a must-have in every home. Aloe plants are useful in more ways than one. The gel from this plant has many cosmetic and medical benefits. Also, this plant acts as an indicator of raised toxin levels in the atmosphere, since it displays brown spots in such a situation.

English Ivy

This small plant is a proverbial natural air filter, and is very easy and convenient to grow. It is capable of absorbing formaldehyde in the air. It can also absorb smoke, and therefore is 100% recommended for active and passive smokers, as well as those afflicted with asthma. It needs to be grown in medium temperatures and indirect sunlight.


The beautiful red flowers of a bromeliad plant will compliment your interior decorations to a great degree. But their uses do not stop at beautification. They are effective benzene absorbers, which is a common organic compound, found in glues, paint, detergent and furniture polish. Bromeliads are capable of absorbing almost 90% of benzene in the air.

Snake Plants

One peculiar feature of the snake plant is that it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen during the day, while the contrary is true for other plants. Therefore, it cleans the air of your room throughout the day. These plants do not need much light or water to grow, so they won’t give up on life even if you forget about them for a few days. They can adorn the corners of your bedroom or living room.


Anthuriums look exotic because of their lovely flowers, but they are more than just pretty. These sturdy plants are great at sucking up ammonia, toluene, formaldehyde and xylene, all of which are extremely toxic elements found in glue, printers and copiers.


Palm trees can brighten the drabbest of interiors. These tropical plants are easy to grow, and are also effective air purifiers. They especially remove formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide. Palm trees can help maintaining the cleanliness of your house's atmosphere if anyone in your house is a smoker.

Potted plants have to be interior decoration’s greatest achievement till date. The fact that they are such effective air purifiers only adds to their many benefits and advantages. So, instead of investing in an expensive artificial air purifier, add a house plant to your home. You will be surprised at the results.