11 Ways of Inviting Good Feng Shui Energy in Your House

Are you interested in Astrology? Well, who isn’t? You may or may not believe in astrology but it is definitely interesting. Somewhere down the line, we all want to believe in something which is bigger than us. One popular form of pseudoscience is Feng Shui. It is an ancient art and science formalized 3,000 years ago but the practices go back 6,000 years. Feng Shui literally meaning Wind-Water, is an ancient Chinese philosophy. Feng-Shui containing elements of philosophy, astrology and astronomy believes the land is filled with Chi (Qi) energy.

It harmonizes the energy between humans and the environment (the universe). It is often considered as a mere art of placement of things, understanding how the placement of these objects can affect the various areas of your life. Although it is more than that, Feng-Shui is a complex body of knowledge which helps us balance the energies in our life in any given space. Although Feng-Shui is regarded as a pseudoscience by the scientific community but the architectural community & Interior designer seem to have adapted it. It was more popular in native eastern parts of the world but recently became favored in the Western part of the world.

What is Chi Energy?

Since we will be using the word chi energy a lot further, it is very important we tell you what chi-energy is. Chi or Qi energy is a believed by the Chinese culture as an essential part of the universe. It means material energy, life force and energy flow. In a nutshell, Chi-Energy is the energy of life and it is important to balance the energy between yin-yang and 5 elements.

Why is Feng-ShuiImportant?

According to Feng-Shui, good fortune comes in many forms, good health, wealth, a full-filing relationship and strong career. There are 2 basic principles of Feng-Shui:

1) The Principle of Yin-Yang:

It is an important principle to Feng-Shui as the core belief lies in the balance of Yin (Feminine) & Yang (Masculine) energy.

Frame of ReferencesYangYin
Light Bright Dark
Temperature Hot Cold
Position Upper Lower
Action Movement Rest
Direction Outward Inward
Physiological functions Excitatory Inhibitory

It is thereby important to maintain the Yin-Yang balance for a good flow of Chi-Energy.

2) The Principle of 5 elements:

It is another basic principle of Feng-Shui. As per this, there are 5 elements in the universe which are Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth and Water. These elements interact with each other in productive or destructive cycles. Each of these is represented by a few colours which are as follows:

  • Wood: Green, Brown
  • Fire: Red, Strong Yellow, Orange, Purple & Pink
  • Metal: White & Gray
  • Earth: Light Yellow, Sandy/Earthy & Light Brown
  • Water: Blue & Black
  • Correct placement of these colours is very important for the flow of Chi-Energy in your house or workspace.

    By now we know what Feng-Shui is and why is it so important? Well, we all want success in our career, good health for us and our family, happiness in our house, fortune with wealth & a warm vibe in our relationships. Feng-Shui helps us accomplish and maintain peace in all aspects of our life. If we can achieve a content life with just little efforts then why not give it a try? If you never try, you will never know it, and moreover, Feng-Shui is not pseudoscience but an art with the elements of philosophy, astrology and astronomy.

    Let’s have a look at a few Feng-Shui items which will help you bring the charm to your house:

    1) Feng Shui Turtles On Top Of A Dragon:

    It is a very traditional, simple and popular symbol in the Feng-Shui culture. It is portrayed beautifully with the turtle having the body of a turtle but the head of Dragon, standing on a bed of coins while carrying a baby turtle on his back. If I talk about it personally, when I look at this piece of Feng-Shui I believe that it is trying to tell us that no matter how small we look (like a turtle) but we have capabilities to be fierce and strong (like a dragon).

    pooja thali

    The energy of a dragon identifies with courage and good luck while the energy of a turtle identifies with stability & security. It brings prosperity to your business, helps you improve relationships and protects you from evil energies.


  • Place this in the North or East sector of your house. Do not put the symbol in the North or East if it is directly in front of you while putting it at Office or Business place. Instead place it parallel to where you sit or right behind a seat.
  • To improve luck in relationships, keep a piece of red ribbon in his mouth.
  • To improve wealth, keep a piece of golden ribbon in his mouth.
  • If you are having health problems, keep a piece of blue ribbon in his mouth.
  • Do not place this in the kitchen or your bathroom
  • 2) The 8 immortals Symbol:

    It is a very powerful symbol portraying the 8 powerful immortals who are always there to help humans in their various ambitions and dreams.

    pooja thali


  • Place this piece of artefact in your living room to strengthen the flow of success in your life.
  • Place this in your dining room for the wellbeing of your family and improvement in health.
  • In an office, place this behind your work area for achievements and opportunities.
  • Do not place this in your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.
  • 3) The Fu Dogs:

    Fu-Dogs are a classic sign of protection and also referred to as Guardian Lions. They are a symbol of family wealth and social status which is why, they are displayed as a couple. The male Fu-Dog signifies protection and control towards his house, while female Fu-Dog signifies strong maternal protection instinct.

    The Fu Dogs


  • Fu-dogs should be placed on either side of your home or office front entrance.
  • Display both the Fu-Dogs looking the same direction and make sure they are able to look out far and wide to guard against negative energy.
  • 4) The Yin-Yang Symbol:

    The Yin-Yang Symbol

    Yin-Yang is one of the basic theories in Feng-Shui which is why the yin-yang artefact is the most basic and helpful symbol. According to the Yin-Yang theory, there are 2 opposing but interconnected energies in the universe and are important to be kept in balance.

    There is no correct or original position of this symbol as it is a basic artefact which is used to balance energies in your house or office.

    5) The Mandarin Ducks:

    The Mandarin Ducks are the classic sign of love & passion in Feng-Shui. They always come in pair indicating the commitment and loyalty in a relationship. Having love problems? Mandarin Ducks are here for your rescue. They help in attracting the right energy to your love life. Mandarin Ducks not only help couples in keeping maintaining their relationship but, also help singles attract their Mr./ Mrs Right.

    The Yin-Yang Symbol


  • Always keep them in a pair.
  • They must face each other.
  • They must be kept in the South-West area of your house.
  • The bedroom is the best place to keep these ducks:
  • (For Singles- Keep them on your side table.) (For couples- Keep them on the husband’s side table.)
  • If either of the ducks gets broken, get another pair of ducks.
  • There shouldn’t be darkness near the birds.
  • 6) Arowana Fish:

    The Arowana Fish is one of the most powerful Feng-Shui symbols. It is also known as Dragon Fish and is a sign of wealth & power. Arowana fish is used to attract wealth, a good career and luck in health. Place these beautiful fishes in your house or office for growth in your business, and advancement in career.

    The Yin-Yang Symbol


  • For wealth, place it in the South East area of your house.
  • For better opportunities in your career, place it in the North area of your house.
  • For improve and luck in health, place it in the East area of your house.
  • 7) The Feng-Shui Dragon:

    The Feng-Shui Dragon is an auspicious & powerful figure. Usually, Dragons are considered as evil, winged & fire-breathing reptiles. Feng-Shui Dragons are depicted very differently, they are seen as cheerful, whimsical & happy creatures. These Dragons signify prosperity, fertility, success & strength. The Dragon figure is holding a pearl in his hand signifying opportunity, wealth & power.

    The Feng-Shui Drago


  • Since Dragon is considered as a free creature, it should be given free space to fly.
  • Place the Dragon in your bedroom paired with a phoenix for marital happiness. Do not place it alone otherwise, it will have too much of yang energy, which will disturb your sleep.
  • Place the dragon in your office for support in your work.
  • Place the Dragon facing the sink in your kitchen which will bring wealth, prosperity, and opportunities in your life.
  • Do not place the Dragon in low energy areas of your house such as bathroom, closets or the garage.
  • Do not place the Dragon facing towards the window or a wall.
  • 8) 9 Level Feng Shui Pagoda:

    The 9 Level Pagoda is an auspicious symbol of wisdom, peace and harmony. It symbolizes heightened perception & awareness.

    Pagodas as Feng-Shui are used for academic luck and better career opportunities. If you or someone you know is having academic trouble or, is planning higher education then 9 level pagoda can definitely help. Pagodas are also known to absorb the negative energy coming your way.

    9 Level Feng Shui Pagoda


  • If you are a student, place this beautiful piece of artefact on your study table and invite heightened mental abilities.
  • For protection, place this outside your house or office.
  • For improvement in health, place this Pagoda beside you and see the miracle.
  • 9) Two Running Horses:

    The horse brings the energy of accomplishment, glory, exemption, and speed. Two Running Horses signify the arrival of good luck and wealth in your house swiftly.

    This charming piece of artefact attracts accelerated prosperity and victory to your house or office. It also helps one get fame in their area of interest.

    9 Level Feng Shui Pagoda


  • To boost fame or reputation luck, place the Horses in the South corner of your office or home, on an elevated plane. This will make your colleagues notice and praise your hard work.
  • For those with competitive careers, the running horses make opportunities come their really smooth.
  • It is best to place the horse in the living room opposed to private areas like the bedroom.
  • Placing the running horses in the south corner of your workplace or house is believed to cause the upwardly mobile to become further famous – this is especially true for those constantly in the public eye.
  • 10) Feng-Shui Money Frog or The 3 Legged Toad:

    As the name suggests, the Feng-Shui money frog is used to attract wealth into your house or office. It has a very interesting story behind it, the legends say that the wife of one of the immortals stole the potion of immorality turning her into the toad. The toad offers money to the owner and brings lots of luck in business.

    9 Level Feng Shui Pagoda


  • Place the frog in the corner of the home that is diagonally opposite the entry door and is known as the primary wealth position.
  • You can also place the frog close to your front door.
  • It is best not to place the frog directly on the floor.
  • Do not place the frog in your bedroom or bathroom.
  • 11) The Feng-Shui Tortoise:

    The Tortoise is a celestial animal, also considered as the guardian. It is seen as a symbol of endurance, protection and wisdom. It brings stability in personal & professional life. The Feng-Shui tortoise helps one cope up with mental health issues and bring peace into life.

    9 Level Feng Shui Pagoda


  • Place the tortoise close to an artificial waterfall or fish tank resulting in the magnification of the power of the tortoise.
  • Place the tortoise near your bed to cure anxiety and insomnia.
  • Do not place the Tortoise in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • So Feng-Shui is an ancient Chinese art and philosophy which helps us balance our energies. It is similar to the familiar concept of chakras around us. The only difference is that chakras are around one person while Feng-Shui talks about energies around the universe.

    Feng Shui is very helpful in balancing the areas of our lives which aren't in our control. It also helps us and makes our house look graceful and classy.