Top 7 Best Winter Flowers

Hello readers! It is little-chilly outside, isn't it? This is because winter is knocking at the door with all its colourful sweet smelling flowers to adorn your garden. Do you wish to enjoy a spectacular garden with vibrant flowers and a cup of coffee in the morning?

If so then you need to know in details about the most popular flowering plants that you can plant in your garden. Flowers carry such innocence that can turn your irritating morning into a pleasant one and provides you strength to have positive hours throughout the day. Let’s focus on some of the best winter flowers that you can have in your garden.

  • Sweet Alyssum: This flower is from the family Brassicaceae is a genus of near about 100-170 species of flowering plants. This wonderful yellow coloured flower usually found in the Asia, Europe and in Northern Africa. In the Mediterranean region, this flowering plant comes with the highest species diversity. This very genus comprises perennial herbaceous plants and annual plants or little shrubs that grow 10-100 cm tall. These spectacular flowers are either yellow or white in colour with oblong-oval leaves, few species are found in pink and purple colour. This widely cultivated flowering plant is popularly known as 'sweet alyssum'.
  • Calendula: This flower is from the family Asteroideae is a genus of near about 15-20 species. These plants are famously known as marigold" and found in Western Europe, Southwestern Asia, and Micronesia and in the Mediterranean region. Other plants are often known as marsh marigold, corn marigold, and desert marigold. These shrubs need moderate water and complete sunlight. Plant this shrub in your garden and enjoy the jaw-dropping expressions of your neighbor.
  • Candytuft: Candytuft or Iberis is from the family Brassicaceae. You will be mistaken if you relate this very word 'candytuft' with candy as it derives from 'candia'. These plants grow 8 to 12 inches high with dark green shiny narrow leaves which gave the plant a spectacular look. These plants require regular water and full sunlight. Candytuft grows well in well-drained soil and needs to be sheared little after bloom to stimulate further growth. As per the language of flower, the word candytuft implies indifference.
  • Cineraria: Cineraria is a flower that comes in vibrant colors ranging from purplish red, white, pink, purple, blue and red. These flowering plants look magnificent and add intense colour to the pitch-black corners of the garden. They grow to 2 feet high and require full or partial shade along with regular water with rich and loose soil.
  • Cyclamen: This plant is from the family Primulaceae is a genus of 23 different species. These flowering plants are found in Mediterranean basin, Europe with one species in Somalia. These smaller-flowered plants stay fine as long as it is kept away from direct sunlight.
  • English daisy: English daisy or Bellis Perennis is from the family Asteraceae is a common European species of daisy. Its dark green leaves are 2 inches long adding elegance to this plant. These very flowers come in white, pink and red in colour.
  • Hellebores: This is a Eurasian genus that consists of near about 20 species herbaceous and belongs to the family of Ranunculaceae. Bring this plant and enhance the grace of your garden.