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      Plant Care Guide

      How to take care of Bonsai Plants?

      Bonsai, translated from Japanese as "Tray planting", is a millennia-old tradition that still thrives with plant enthusiasts today. Bonsai is an art, where tree and pot form a harmonious unit with synchronised shape, texture and colour. Many different types of Bonsai trees exist today.

      Bonsai tree care includes proper watering. Once a week, immerse your Bonsai in water until the bubbles stop reaching the surface. Do not use too much water pressure. Don?t just water the soil, as all parts of bonsai plant absorb water to some degree.

      If your Bonsai flourishes better outdoors, pick a spot that provides six or more hours of sunlight. Indoor Bonsai need two to four hours of natural sunlight or artificial light.

      The tree must be shaped regularly. Remove any branches that clutter the chosen style. Then, prune to redirect growth- pruning of branches is generally performed in spring and a lot of the new growth is removed.