Decorate your House this Halloween with these Spook-tecular Plants

As the days get shorter and nights get longer, not only is this a sign of chilly days but also Halloween creeping around us. Halloween is the best time of the year and a fang-tastic excuse to bring in the chill in a witchy, ghoulish way. Moreover, not each and every item of scary décor has to find its way into a corner of the attic on November 1. You can give a spooky spin to your home all year long with hauntingly and frightfully cute houseplants. Take a look at some of the plants that are too cute to spook.

Spook-tecular Plants

Hoya Linearis

Send chills down their spine with Hoya Linearis that could qualify for the long hair locks of a witch. So, if you are planning a fun and frightening Halloween party, leave your guests a little intimidated and spellbound.

Brain Cactus

Spooky but eerie-sistible, the brain cactus will look great over the entrance and windowsill. This cranium-shaped succulent will instantly spread spooky spirits on the darkest night of the year.

Bleeding Tooth Fungi

A bloody brilliant plant that will make a perfect addition to a haunted house. Also, while going for a gore theme for Halloween Eve, Hydnellum Peckii will do the needful. Ideal to scare away trick-or-treaters! Also, there is no need for fake blood with Bleeding tooth fungi in sight.


Give your Halloween party a flying start by placing a bat flower. Having a cluster of tiny, dark purple flowers and long whiskers, the batflower will add to your Halloween aesthetics like no other. So, have a howling good time and spook your guests to the core with this fa-boo-lous plant.

Venus Flytrap

A rare and bizarre houseplant, the Venus flytrap (or Dionaea muscipula) is a Halloween must-have. Given its fangs at the end of each leaf and eerie mouth opening, the plant is something that will contribute to your macabre Halloween decor.

Air Plants

Tillandsias (aka air plants) already appear to be a plant with mystical powers for they can magically grow without roots and soil. Besides, a few of its varieties resemble wild creatures and will make your guests feel witchy. So, since they don’t need a regular pot to grow in, incorporate them easily into your Halloween decor and spread that gothic charm.