Did you know that planters could be folded?

Plants are often referred to as best friends, and why not? They have so much to offer you. Every plant has its own benefits. You may water your plants regularly, prune them regularly and provide them with just the right amount of sunlight yet you may forget about one of the most important factors which contributes to healthy plant growth- Planters!


It is very important to choose the right planter for your plants as it affects the life cycle and healthy growth of your green friends. Everyone wants a planter which is attractive and durable. Did you know that planters can be folded? Let us introduce you to the new world of foldable planters which are not only attractive but also durable and ideal for all types of plants. Another amazing thing about these planters are that they can be folded!

What Are Foldable Planters?

Floading Plants

Made from recycled and virgin plastic polymer, foldable planters are modular pots which have a special design and are highly adjustable. It is an innovative product which is super compact as it can be folded. The assembly of these planters is very simple.

Why Foldable Planters?

There are many planters available in the market, so why choose foldable planters?

  • Foldable planters are designed scientifically by integrating the knowledge of plant science and engineering.
  • These planters are lightweight & durable which makes it super easy & economical to transport.
  • The planters are made of Food Grade HDPE which makes it chemical resistant.
  • It has a concealed catch plate for water storage which means less frequent watering of the plant.
  • It allows expedited fibrous root formation with no root circling.
  • It is quick to install and is highly adjustable which means you can do it all by yourself.

Features & Benefits of These Planters

  • Vapor Lock- Moisture Regeneration Capacity

    The pot has cavitated walls which retain moisture and air during the day, succeeded by condensation in the evening. This process locks vapor all around the plant which results in providing moisture and air all around the roots.

  • Enhanced Lateral Root Formation:

    Presence of air & moisture all around the plant, secondary and fibrous root formation is triggered. Due to the formation of roots all around the planter, there is an exponential growth in the biological surface area of the roots. It not only promotes root formation but also makes sure it is healthy by eliminating root circling.

  • Durable & Light Weight

    The unique cavitated wall design eliminates the plane surface area. Absence of plain surface forbids initiation of any cracks. The material of the plants is not only durable but also lightweight which makes it really easy and economical to transport the plant.

  • Sub-Irrigation with a Concealed Water Reservoir

    There is a concealed water reservoir attached to the planter which allows sub-irrigation. It prevents the nutrient-rich water from draining into the ground by collecting and storing it. This also saves water from evaporative loss. Due to the ability of water to flow through narrow spaces, the stored water is utilized through capillary action, and this results in self-watering of the plant. It not only keeps the plants happy but provides better pest management by restraining pests and mosquitoes from breeding in the water.

  • Separator Plate Between Water Reservoir & Planter

    There is a separator plate between the water reservoir and the growing media. Due to its reticular pattern, it allows the root to reach the water stored in the reservoir resulting in sub-irrigation. The separator plate helps form air chambers which allow abundant air in the root zone and prevents root rotting.

  • Hassle Free Transplantations

    The modular design of these pots make it super adjustable. It is very easy to transplant the plants into this planter. Simply open the planter and carefully transplant the plant to a bigger pot. There will be absolutely no plant shock after the transplant.

  • Eco-Friendly Material

    Since it is made from recycled and virgin plastic polymer, it is environmental friendly.

  • Foldable Planters- Your plant’s Best Friend

    Since these planters support enhanced germination, they are definitely your plant’s best friend. They not only keep the plant moist but have an active drainage system. Since it is built for soil-less & hydroponic growing systems and has the ability to self-water through capillary action, your plant will be able to take care of itself.

Keeping all this in mind, we did a little experiment by planting a Money plant in a normal planter, and another in a foldable planter. We cared for both the planters in the same way for 6 months- watering them once in a week, not providing any fertilizers & providing them with proper sunlight. After 6 months, the plant in the foldable planter looked healthier & taller.