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      Dahlias - Lasting Commitment

      Dahlias were made the national flower for Mexico in 1963. These are wonderful flowers which can be gifted on wedding anniversaries. These are popular summer flowers and are quite beautiful with several sizes, shapes and colors. They are highly elegant and symbolic of lasting commitments. There is a legend which claims that Carl Linnaeus named this flower after a student who had Dahl as the last name. Dahlia symbolizes lasting commitment between two people and are excellent anniversary flowers as a result. They are also regarded as birth flowers for the month of August although some traditions have it as a birth flower for November as well.

      Types of Dahlias -

      Red Dahlias

      Red Dahlias are highly symbolic of strength and power. They can be gifted to people recuperating from illnesses or about to embark on the next phases of their professional/personal lives.

      White Dahlias

      This is symbolic of staying absolutely pristine and focused on the task at hand.

      Pink/Purple Dahlias

      These Dahlias are strongly linked with grace, kindness and service.

      Blue/Green Dahlias

      These Dahlias are ideal gifts for those making new changes to their lives in terms of moving out, going away for career purposes and so on. The main idea behind this is that these Dahlias are closely associated with making fresh starts in life.