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      Heather - Admiration and love

      Heather flowers are also called Calluna Vulgaris. They can be cultivated easily and come with flowers which are velvety and tender. Heather flowers are the best options when it comes to expressing your admiration for somebody and also help in conveying feelings to someone who look up to. This flower also symbolizes protection. The native name Calluna Vulgaris is derived from Kallune in Greek which means brushing/cleaning while the Latin Vulgaris means common. Heather twigs were used for creating brooms in the past. Heather branches were also used for making rope, baskets and bedding. Heather also symbolizes good luck which makes it a great option as a farewell gift or as a congratulatory gift for someone who has achieved a new milestone in life. These flowers grow absolutely wild in Mexico and are often used in cancer treatments.

      Types of Heather -

      White Heather

      The color white for the Heather flower means protection and luck and this can be a great gift for diverse occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. This can also be used for gifting friends and colleagues.

      Purple Heather

      This usually indicates admiration for a particular individual and can be used as a Thank You gift or simply to surprise someone you look up to.