Fun Facts About Lilies

A lily is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul!

A wise old, man once said, "Love is like dew that falls on both nettles and lilies!" If any day by chance, you strict your gaze on this beautiful creation of the almighty, you'll feel too many things at once! Truly! Too many emotions will race in your mind, you'll say to yourself Look at the lilies, how they grow! Even in the simplest flowers that blow, God's ever watchful care might see!

all about lilies

Ponder over our web of words to know a bit more about these tiny beauties that bloom half the year!

Lilies More than a flower!

Lilies are also called Lilium and are excellent gifts for 30th anniversaries of couples. These flowers are symbolic of purity, rebirth, beauty, motherhood and good luck.


The Greeks cherished lilies since they believed that these had been born from the milk of the queen of gods Hera who was also Zeus's wife. Lilies bloom from early April and keep blooming till September.


They are excellent for weddings and also as good luck and anniversary gifts. They can be gifted to couples and also for expectant mothers. Lilies are also believed by many to be symbolic of the chastity and purity of the Virgin Mary.

When do lilies bloom?

Lilies are summer season favorite. If you happen to be a gardening aficionado then you need to know the right season-time for these beauties to bloom!

  • Asiatic lilies bloom in early summer
  • Trumpet lilies bloom in midsummer
  • Oriental lilies bloom mid- to late summer
  • Oriental Trumpet (Orienpet) hybrid lilies bloom in late summer

Types of Lilies:

  • Asiatic Lilies

    Asiatic Lilies are nestled along the fields of Central Asia. They display long, slender and shining leaves and stretch till 1 to 5 cm of height. They are early bloomers and produce pastel colors on their petals when they take full shape.

  • asiatic lilies
  • Oriental Lilies

    Oriental Lilies grow in Japan. They are considerably taller than Asiatic lilies. Oriental lilies bloom around the time when Asiatic lilies start to fade. You can plant both the types and experience a wonderful view of these blooms smiling in your garden.

oriental lilies

Good to know

Calla lilies are not lilies at all. They are actually part of the Araceae family, along with the caladium and philodendron. Not long after, a German botanist realized the error and created the genus Zantedeschia, but it was too late. The name calla lily stuck.

Significance of Different colors of Lilies

  • Yellow Lilies

    This color is symbolic of enjoyment and thankfulness so yellow lilies can be excellent thank you gifts. They can be great gifts or additions to any cheerful and warm occasion since they are symbolic of beauty and happiness.
  • Yellow lilies
  • White Lilies

    These are symbolic of virtue and purity and are considered excellent options when it comes to weddings.
  • whitle lilies
  • Orange Lilies

    These are also called Tiger Lilies and are symbolic of wealth, confidence and pride.
  • orange lilies
  • Pink Lilies

    The pink or stargazer lilies are symbolic of abundance and prosperity and are some of the most beautiful varieties around.
  • pink lilies
  • Red Lilies

    These are highly symbolic of passion and should be gifted to young couples or couples who are still young at heart.
  • Red lilies

We this we sum up our know-how piece on Lilies! We’ll come soon with another one, stay with us! Happy Gardening, Gifting & Blooming!