How to Keep Flowers Fresh For a Long Time?

Freshly cut flower stands have always been one of our most favourite buys. It can brighten up any dull space in our homes as easily as it can brighten our moods. We find the flowers we buy wilt within a short span. Though one of our most loved gifts, flowers do not seem to last forever. We cannot make them last forever definitely, but what we can do is increase its longevity by some super quick fixes.

Here are some of the tried and tested methods one can try

Prepare the vase carefully before keeping the flowers in them. Use a widespread one that shall support the flowers without crowding them. Make sure to disinfect it from bacteria and other germs by washing it properly with soap and water. Dry the vase properly and arrange the flowers one by one.

The prime step, which most of us ignore out of sheer ignorance, is to fill the vase with fresh water every day. Though this might seem to be very nominal, it will increase the life of your favourite flowers. Also, ensure that the water is at room temperature.

Cut the stems at an angle before arranging them in a vase. This is a major flaw which most of us tend to make. What happens on cutting the stems at a particular angle is that it facilitates the water intake which becomes difficult when the stems lie flat at the vase bottom. Now, repeat this step everyday when you change the water of the vase.

Keep the flowers away from direct exposure to sunlight, appliances generating heat, any cooling appliances like the ceiling fan or even open windows because this speeds up dehydration leading to faster wilting. Also keep them away from fruits! Sounds shocking, right?

Well, ripening fruits give off a gas named ethylene which speeds up the wilting by making the flowers mature faster.

To prevent bacteria from brewing, cut the leaves below the water line. Also remove few petals which border the outermost radius of the flower and the buds which did not bloom,, allowingthe flower to spread fully. Check for leaves from falling over the water daily, to avoid bacterial growth.

Use your kitchen ingredients! A mixture of two tablespoons Apple Cider vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar in the vase water acts as an antibacterial agent. Adding aspirin tablets lower the pH level of the water and travels all the way up to the stem slowing the wilting process.

Put the flowers for about eight hours in the refrigerator every day, before going to sleep. Flowers stay healthier in cool conditions.

Adding a few drops of vodka or any other clear spirit of your choice stops the ethylene production, which is a ripening gas that causes the plants to mature fast.

Some important tips

Never put daffodils with other flowers in a vase along with other flowers. This is so because their stems secrete a sap that kills the other cut flowers in that vase.

Hyacinths shall last longer if they are not cut below its bulb.

Next time do not shy away from bouquet shopping with these foolproof methods mentioned above, to prevent your favourite flowers from dying in front of your eyes. As they say, “There’s always a way!”